Pregnancy 29w6d

Hoooo boy, what a weekend! Our 3-day gaming convention (PAX East) was a challenge, but I made it through. We didn’t spend nearly as long there each day as we have in the past, but I did fairly well.

On Friday, we were there for over 10 hours. That pretty much exhausted me for the rest of the weekend, but I wouldn’t have missed any of those panels. One was on gamer parenting: the benefits of kids playing games, how to limit your child’s game time, how to ensure the games your child is playing are age-appropriate, etc. Lots of good advice. The second panel was something we go to every year, “Pitch Your Game.” It’s hilarious to hear what people come up with. Lastly we went to the Cards Against Humanity panel, helped suggest new cards, and got an exclusive expansion pack the next day of those cards. Win!

Saturday, we had planned on going in earlier, but I woke up and my body went NOPE. So we skipped the first panel we’d planned on and I got a couple more hours of sleep. We went in and saw the third round of the Omeganaut competition (they played Towerfall, which looks SO FUN) and a Geek & Sundry panel. In between, we found and hung out with friends. We were there for about 7 hours.

Sunday, I pushed myself to get out the door in the morning, because the last day is the shortest. We found my favorite web comic artist and bought a sketch, checked out the arcade gaming room, then watched a live D&D game, which was hilarious. Hung out with friends, got a hug from one of my dear Twitter friends that I only see each year at PAX, then watched the Omegathon finale. That was about a 6-hour day.


I was in a LOT of pain at the end of each day, but I’m glad I went. In the end, I got lots of exercise, got out of the house, and had fun. One of my biggest challenges was long stretches of walking, because my hand using the cane would go numb. Another challenge is they changed some women’s rooms to men’s rooms this year because there’s supposedly SO many more men (even though it’s pretty much a 60/40 split), and I couldn’t always walk the extra distance. Luckily each men’s room had a family bathroom at the entrance, so I just used that. I would have been screwed otherwise. Not happy with that change, PAX! We brought plenty of snacks and water, but I found myself not drinking as much as I should because getting to a bathroom was such an inconvenience.

On the upside, I was able to get a medical badge, which meant I got priority seating at each panel and didn’t have to wait in line. That was a godsend, so thank you for that, PAX! I also could have used a wheelchair if I wanted, but it’s so crowded, it would have been a pain to navigate. Plus hubby would’ve had to push, as I don’t think my arms or hands would’ve been up to it.

Hubby took Monday off to recover (trust me, it’s needed!) and instead of relaxing all day, we ended up going shopping for a rocking chair, which involved even more walking, lol. Then I was going to take it easy today, but ended up driving to half a dozen stores in search of giant Easter eggs to put t-shirts in for my nieces and nephews. Plus it was pouring all day so that was pretty miserable. TOMORROW though, tomorrow I will rest a bit. Except for putting away laundry. And going to choir.

30 weeks tomorrow!!!

Pregnancy 29w1d

The other day, I got the best mail ever. A baby shower invite…to my shower!!!


I’ve been looking forward to this (and having a baby of course) most of my life. Like a wedding, it’s a rite of passage. I’m a hopeless romantic, and while it may not seem very feminist of me (though I consider feminism to mean having choices), getting married and becoming a mom have always been my lifelong dreams. Baby showers in my family are very big and fun. It’s not about the gifts; it’s about the love, it’s about being initiated into motherhood, it’s about support.

My sister, who was my maid of honor, is throwing the party and chose the invites. I love them. She apologized for the pink, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m slowly getting over my pink aversion. It was mainly due to my ex-boyfriend’s obsession with pink on me, and the years of emotional abuse that relationship entailed. I’m reclaiming pink. I refuse to hate it. I don’t LOVE it, but it’s not an anathema any more. ;)

The shower will be outer-space-themed to match her bedroom, and I love the little outer space mobile. So cute! It’s also at my house, at my insistence, because it’s closer for a lot of my friends, and we won’t have to transport gifts. Plus our house is plenty big, and we have a nice yard. I hope the weather is nice so the kids can run around!

Oh! That’s exactly a month from today! Sweet!

Last night, I had choir rehearsal. I skipped last week due to the pain I was in, and I didn’t have my belt or cane yet. I debated going last night or quitting for the semester. I was afraid of the drive, the uncomfortable pews (non-religious choir, we just happen to rehearse in a church), standing, etc. I cried over it, trying to decide. In the end, I went, and I’m glad I did. I was in pain, but it was bearable. I honestly think my hormones were making the decision tougher than anything else. :P There are only a few more rehearsals, then the concert on May 4. I think I can make it. I also will sit during the concert. I love singing and don’t want to give it up. I also hate quitting, and I just want to make it to the concert.

Hubby and I are going to a 3-day gaming convention starting tomorrow (coming home each night; it’s local). He emailed the organizers and got me a medical pass. I am SO grateful. Hopefully I won’t need to use it much, as I feel unfair skipping lines, but it’s nice to have the option if I need it. I’ll be wearing my support belt, wrist braces, compression socks, and using my cane. We have the folding stool and are bringing water and snacks. Fingers crossed I make it, because we look forward to this every year. Can’t wait!

I almost forgot! I attended my first La Leche League meeting yesterday. It was awesome. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in, but there were plenty of tattoos and piercings. ;) And plenty without! I like variety in a group. There was also one other first-time expectant mom, and a second-time expectant mom with the same due date as me. There were at least six toddlers and four babies present. It was wonderful. The discussion was great and I felt very welcome. I look forward to continuing to meet with such a great support group.

Pregnancy week 29

How far along: 29 weeks

Baby is the size of: An acorn squash

Maternity clothes: Nothing new

Stretch marks: Lots

Sleep: Bad insomnia, waking up in pain.

Best moment this week: Getting my baby shower invite!

Miss anything: Being able to walk without pain.

Movement: Lots! I can even see it from the outside!

Food cravings: Ice cream

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still gagging at random times, or when I’m too hungry.

Have you started to show yet: Yep. I look pregnant.

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. In so much pain.

Waist: 50″ (10″ growth total)

Comments: Yep, still hurting. Wrists are worst at the beginning of the day, hip and abdomen are worst at the end of the day. I pretty much have to sleep in the recliner, but I still spend part of the night in bed because I crave side-sleep. I’m going to a convention this weekend and I’m pretty nervous. Hopefully I can handle it as long as I rest in between panels and don’t stay all day. My husband got me a medical pass so that should help.


Pregnancy 28w5d

One word: ouch. :(

Everything hurts. My hip, my lower abdomen, my back, my wrists…everything. It’s so much worse than last week. I have carpal tunnel syndrome (which I had before but it’s worse now), de Quervain tendinitis, round ligament pain, and the beginning of abdominal muscle separation. The latter two are exacerbated by Inara being a big baby.

So. This kinda sucks. I cry every time I try to roll over in bed. I wake up unable to use my hands for a few minutes every morning, then use them through the pain for at least an hour. Walking is excruciating. I can’t even believe I had pregnancy complaints before this happened. Nothing prepared me for this.

There are some things that help. I got a maternity support belt:



…and a cane:



Those have eased the pain a bit. However, using the cane is making my hand/wrist hurt more, so I got new wrist braces today. The ones I had were too firm and restrictive to use everyday, and my hands have swollen enough that they are now uncomfortable. I’ll use the new ones when walking, on the computer, or sleeping.



Just realized I didn’t have them on yet. Put them on. Can’t use the mouse. >.< Guess I’ll wear the lighter support one I already have. *sigh*

I also bought some compression socks, because we’re going to a convention Friday through Sunday, which involves a lot of walking.


I’ve been going for years, and I’m going to have to take it MUCH easier this year. We won’t stay the whole day, we’ll prioritize which panels we HAVE to see, and I’ll rest plenty in between. We bought folding camp stools last year and they were a HUGE help, and will be even more so this year. They’re perfect for waiting in line for long periods.



It folds up as small as an umbrella. I’m so glad we invested in them last year, since everything else I need for my comfort is costing a fortune.

I’m miserable, but at least my baby is healthy. She’s still kicking and wiggling like crazy. This is all temporary, I know, but I’m basically useless now. I’ve been trying to take walks like my OB suggested, but I can’t go very far or long. I walked 0.4 miles today and it took almost 16 minutes. I am going to look into a prenatal water aerobics class at the hospital. Other than that, I’m just trying to take it easy, while also not letting myself be sedentary for too long. I’m also trying not to let my depression take over. I feel like I can’t do anything and the pain will never end, and it’s affecting my mood.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue doing choir. I’ll try this Wednesday. I need to attempt laundry tomorrow. I’m walking a fine line between staying active and hurting myself worse.

Pregnancy 28w1d


I’m very very excited about that. I don’t think I could have dealt with it on top of this abdominal pain. So I just had an OB appointment, and I told the nurse about my pain. She tested my urine for kidney stones, which I hadn’t considered, but it came up completely clear of any kidney problems. Phew. Blood pressure is still awesome, weight gain is fairly on track.

Then I talked to my doc about the pain, and predictably, I started to cry, and she felt so bad. I had to tell her to just ignore it and I’d stop eventually. If you keep going “Oh I’m so sorry! I feel so bad!” I’ll just cry more. :P So she said my pain on the left is round ligament pain, the lower abdomen is possibly some pubic muscle separation, and both are exacerbated by having a big baby. The maternity support belt I ordered should help, I should try to walk more (it does hurt less when I’ve been moving gently), and no heavy lifting and limited bending. That’s all I can do for now.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks, then she’ll assess if I need an ultrasound at that time. I really really hope I’m not in this much pain for the next 3 months. I know pain comes with pregnancy, but this is leaving me in tears. And D’OH, I just realized I forgot to ask her about my carpal tunnel and my oral thrush. Well, I know I should just wear wrist braces for the carpal tunnel, and I guess I’ll just ask my primary doc about the oral thrush. Three 2-week Nystatin treatments, plus one more attempt with gentian violet, and it’s still there. I just don’t even know what to do any more.

Despite all that, I’m really not doing badly. I know it could be so much worse. I’m grateful I don’t have any major complications. My baby and I are healthy. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Pregnancy week 28

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby is the size of: An eggplant

Maternity clothes: Just ordered a belly support belt and a couple dresses.

Stretch marks: Lots

Sleep: Bad insomnia, waking up in pain.

Best moment this week: Going on our babymoon!

Miss anything: Being able to walk without hunching over.

Movement: Lots! I can even see it from the outside!

Food cravings: Nachos

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still gagging at random times, or when I’m too hungry.

Have you started to show yet: Yep. I look pregnant.

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Off my ring finger. Wearing it on my pinky.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. In so much pain.

Waist: 50″ (10″ growth total)

Comments: I’ve had a cramp in my left side for a week and lower abdominal pain nonstop for a few days. Thankfully I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to ask about it. I can barely function. I had to skip choir rehearsal tonight. My back is also killing me on and off, and my carpal tunnel is so excruciating, I can’t use my hands sometimes. I really do hate to complain this much, but I can’t live like this. Everything hurts.


Pregnancy 27w6d

I had my 2-hour glucose test this morning. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I needed to fast after midnight, but the last I ate was at around 7 last night, so I was REALLY empty. Got up at 7, showered, and hit the road at 7:30. Took me 45 minutes to get there and the appointment was 8:30, so that was good. Hit quite a bit of rush hour traffic. Felt a little nauseous from not eating.

I tried the door and it was locked, but a person from billing let me in. She said they aren’t open till 9. I told her the appointment was with the lab and she showed me where to go. Phew. Started with a finger prick, then a blood draw from my left arm for my fasting levels. Then I got the glucose drink again, lime this time. Downed it in about 3 minutes, then I got to sit in the waiting room for an hour. Luckily I’d brought my Kindle, so I started on Divergent, which is really good and made the time fly.

Then I got my second blood draw, in my right arm this time. Back to the waiting room for another hour, then my last blood draw, in my left arm again. Then I was done! I had brought crackers and a Luna bar and ate them on the way home. I was hungry, but not nauseous or headachey at that point. Crashed as soon as I got home and slept for 4 hours. Got up and ate leftover dim sum. Feeling back to normal now.

So that wasn’t nearly as bad as it was for some people, and I’m very grateful. Now I just have to wait on the results. =/