After a horrific night’s sleep last night due to a baby that JUST WOULDN’T SLEEP (sigh), I should be exhausted right now. Instead, I have some super fabulous insomnia. I’m channeling it into catching up on blogging.

So, people tell me my baby is gorgeous. I happen to agree, but I’m her mom after all! Still, we think she’s probably above-average objectively speaking, and might try submitting her to some modeling agencies. It’s worth a shot! In the meantime, I’ve submitted this photo for the Gerber Baby contest.


I doubt she’ll win, but she has a fighting chance! I’m trying to build up a portfolio for her, but full-body shots have been difficult. She doesn’t always cooperate. ;) I thought this was pretty cute though:


We’ll see if it goes anywhere. She’s still the most beautiful baby in the world to me.

First Halloween

I love Halloween. Some might say I’m obsessed with it. So, of course, I was going to go all out for my daughter’s first. That translated into four different costumes/outfits for her. Hehe.

For my friend’s birthday/Halloween party, a mermaid:


For the geeky Browncoat party, Kaylee from Firefly:


Her official “My First Halloween” outfit:


And finally, her costume on Halloween itself, which had to be warm and something she could wear in the carriage:


Obviously no candy was collected this year, but next year is a whole different ballgame!

One Year of Change

October 15th is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day. Also, (ironically? poetically?) it’s the day I found out I was pregnant with Inara.

I will never forget. I was a little late, we hadn’t been trying but we hadn’t been preventing, but I never thought…and there it was. Two lines. I panicked. I couldn’t go through another miscarriage. But…maybe I wouldn’t? Maybe I could save this one?

I ran downstairs to where my husband was watching the news before work. I held out the test and stated “Oh crap.” He started to smile, checked my reaction, saw I was feeling mixed, and smiled anyways. He was happy. We could be happy.

And with medication, we were. She was saved. My rainbow baby happened. I will never forget October 15.


4-Month Checkup

Our little miracle is growing and growing! Still so tiny though, and I love it. :)

Weight – 7 lbs.
Length – 18 3/4 in.

1 month:
Weight – 8 lbs. 4 oz.
Length – 20 1/2 in.

2 months:
Weight – 9 lbs. 13 oz.
Length – 21 1/2 in.

4 months:
Weight – 12 lbs. 1 oz.
Length – 24 in.

Happy 4 months, Inara!


Lip- and Tongue-Tie Revision

Inara has had some trouble nursing from the start. She wouldn’t latch, and needed a nipple shield. She was fussy and screamed at the breast for half an hour before finally nursing when she was a newborn. She dribbles milk out the other side of her mouth, soaking both of us. I never thought to look into lip-ties or tongue-ties because I thought her pediatrician, who looked in her mouth, would have seen it. I was wrong. Apparently, they’re not trained to check for them.

In a mommy group on Facebook, I posted about her being a messy eater, just thinking it was a funny quirk. Someone mentioned I should check her mouth for ties. I lifted her top lip, and saw a tie so obvious, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been noticed yet.


I checked with a lactation consultant, and she agreed it was a severe lip tie, and that tongue ties often occur with it. I got a recommendation for a dentist, and we made an appointment right away. Unfortunately, we hadn’t thought she’d need dental insurance yet, and she can only be added in June, or within 60 days of her birth. We were literally 2 weeks past that.

We took her in for her appointment, he agreed it was a class 4 upper lip tie and a posterior lip tie. He did the procedure that day, using a laser (some still clip them). We paid out of pocket. She screamed (we weren’t in the room), then she was brought to me to nurse. She did for a short time, then slept for then next 2 1/2 hours! Poor wee one. :(

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any improvement with nursing. This was 2 weeks ago, and she just recently regressed a bit, fussing at the breast, and I’m having nipple pain. I’ve gone back to lactation group but the LC doesn’t help much. I’m doing her mouth stretching exercises, which she hates, but apparently she might need physical therapy too, to really help. We can’t afford much more after paying for the procedure.

I’ll give them a call and see if we can get insurance to cover it. I’m getting very frustrated. :(

Bedroom Transition

It’s so hard to find time to blog! There are so many other things to do while she naps. I’m crossing my fingers she stays asleep long enough for me to finish this (and my lunch!).

So a few weeks ago, I transitioned Inara to her own bedroom (she was just over 2 months old). I felt that all our little noises were waking her up, like when we went to the bathroom or my husband got ready for work in the morning. It’s been…varied. Some nights she sleeps fairly well. Some nights she’s up every hour. I don’t think it’s due to her being in the crib, more just usual sleep problems for a baby her age. At first I was going to nurse her in the rocking chair in her room, but it was super uncomfortable, so we moved the recliner in there. We have a great video monitor but I was kind of glued to it the first few nights and didn’t sleep well. Now I’ve learned to just check on her via video before I go to sleep and when she makes noise, and to keep the screen off the rest of the time.

We had a fan in there for white noise but she sleeps so well in her swing during the day with its music playing, so I set up an iPod in there last night. I started with Disney music but the volume was too varied, so I switched to a Mozart lullabies album. I think I’ll get some more classical lullabies to add to it, as regular classical can get loud at times. She seemed to sleep fairly well, though I did take her to bed with me in the morning as I often do. She pretty much sleeps 1/2 to 3/4 in her room, and the rest with me, though sometimes she doesn’t sleep with me at all. She still can sleep on her own, so I’m not worried about it. I love our snuggly time. :)

It’s a little more tiring to have to go to her room every time she wakes up, but it’s maybe 10 feet down the hall, so it’s not bad. I think my husband and I sleep better overall with her in her own room, and eventually I think she will too. She still can’t sleep without a swaddle, but if she wakes up in it, she fights it until she gets her arms free so she can suck on her hands. Putting her to sleep without it hasn’t worked, but I’m sure she’ll transition out of it soon. The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit has been suggested to me, but it’s a bit pricey when I’ve already invested in all these swaddles. I do have a few Woombies I got on sale when Isis Parenting went out of business, but all they had was the 14 lb. size so she’s not big enough yet. I miiiiight buy one smaller one and try it out.

I’m looking forward to sleep getting a little better. I don’t get much. She fights napping during the day, but will be too overtired to sleep if she doesn’t. We’re still working all the kinks out together. She’s almost three months old now, and I’ve heard her sleep should improve soon. We’ll see. ;)


2-Month Checkup

I cannot even believe our little munchkin is two months old already! Just like everyone says, it flies by…and every day is better. It’s easier to feed her and put her to sleep now, on the whole (not always). She’s tons more fun, smiling and laughing and reacting to us. She is such a joy!

2Months (Large)


Today she had her 2-month checkup.

photo 1

She’s still perfectly healthy and gaining weight much faster now. She also got two shots and wailed her poor little heart out. :( She recovered fairly quickly though, and is now passed out asleep in her swing.

photo 2

Here are her stats so far. :)

Weight – 7 lbs.
Length – 18 3/4 in.

1 month:
Weight – 8 lbs. 4 oz.
Length – 20 1/2 in.

2 months:
Weight – 9 lbs. 13 oz.
Length – 21 1/2 in.