Cycle 1, CD17, DPO3

Well, here I am. Anxiously making my way through technically my second 2WW, but really my first one because we tried too late last month.

This month, life got in the way, as it does, from making more than one real TTC effort, but the timing was good, so I’m hopeful.



My temp jump wasn’t as pronounced as usual, so I was unsure when I had really ovulated until a few days after. Even at that, it’s still a guess, since I still am not checking my CF (oops).



I did order a whole mess of cheap, highly rated pregnancy and ovulation test strips, so I’ll start testing for ovulation with those next month. And since I have so many pregnancy test strips, I’ll probably start testing at DPO7, since it’s my first time and all. 😉 Even if it’s negative, I’m excited to take my first pregnancy test ever in my life. Sort of a rite of passage, you know?

So that’s where this month stands. I’ve got my fingers crossed.


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