Cycle 1, CD21, DPO7

Well, I took the plunge. I took my very first pregnancy test this morning. I won’t keep you guessing, it was negative. Can’t say I’m surprised, but a positive would have been fun.  😉

When I purchased our Pre-Seed, it came with 3 free Early Pregnancy Test strips. I looked up the instructions the other day and read that it COULD be taken as early as DPO7. I highly doubt the results are accurate this early, and I will continue taking them until I get my period, because dammit it’s my first time testing and I wanna test! 🙂

So here’s the little bugger:


One sad little line. I’ll use my other 2 free ones Friday and Saturday, then use the other pregnancy test strips I bought on Amazon. Yes, these all involve peeing in a cup instead of on a stick. I used a measuring cup we have multiples of (and I will never use it for food again, obviously) and the handle on it made it the easiest pee collection ever. 😛 Test strips are way cheaper than the regular one-to-a-box tests, so I can take them as often as I want.

I may have mentioned I also purchased ovulation test strips from Amazon (more peeing in a cup). I got them too late to try this month, so I’ll start using them next month. I’m supposed to start testing on like CD7 so I’m glad it comes with so many. It’ll be good to have a more solid ovulation estimate than just temperature. Yes, checking CF helps. I’m not exactly a fan of it though, and I’m never exactly sure what I’m feeling. 😛

My waking temp continues to climb, though I’m taking it at much more consistent times so that may explain the difference from last month. I’ll have to go back to my Taking Charge of Your Fertility book and compare mine to their examples. I forget exactly what pregnant temps would look like. I know this is probably wishful thinking, but it’s the first real time in my life I could actually be pregnant, so I’m really excited. I’m sure it’s going to take much longer, and though I know this and am as prepared as I can be, I’m nervous about the toll this is going to take on me. I don’t think chronic disappointment mixes well with depression.

Wish me luck…


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