Cycle 2, CD15, DPO2

I don’t usually blog two days in a row, but my chart has me all confused. EVERY month, including my first month off the pill, had a fairly obvious ovulation temp jump. This month? All over the place. Smaller temp jump, and then it went right back down. I’m fighting off some cold symptoms I’ve had since Sunday. Can that affect it?


I mean, really? What the hell is that crap? I’ve been so nice and predictable that this is really frustrating to me. Especially since BD seemed so well timed this month. I have no hope that I’m pregnant right now. Ugh.

Looking back though, this isn’t an unusual temp jump. It’s just the first time it hasn’t STAYED up. Hmm.



3 thoughts on “Cycle 2, CD15, DPO2

  1. Illness can definitely mess with your hormones and your chart. I’ve had a few similar charts with illness or other bodily stresses that ended up in a delayed O and thus a delayed period.

  2. It’s entirely possible that your body geared up to ovulate, but actually didn’t. That’s even more possible with the cold you’ve had — might have delayed ovulation a bit. I’d mark it as such.

    You could gear up again, so keep using your OPKs! And keep doing so until ovulation is confirmed with three elevated temps. 🙂

    Also! Are you tracking your CM? That’s an incredibly good way to go about it, too.

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