Cycle 3, CD20, DPO7

Ticket for one to Frustrationville. My body did the same thing as last month: temp rise right on time, drop for two days, then back up again. No good reason, and very odd. Grrr.

My temp-taking time isn’t perfectly consistent. I tend to wake up in the early morning (around 5 or 6 am) to pee, so I take my temp whenever I do, since I’ll be getting back up in a couple of hours. That time isn’t the same every day, and sometimes I sleep straight through till wake-up time. If I set an alarm for 3 or 4 am, I’m risking losing a perfect night’s sleep, which is rare and precious for me since I’m often fatigued. There is no good way for me to make my temp-taking perfect, and I refuse to drive myself crazy trying. I’ll just do the best I can. I won’t let TTC run my life.

I took ovulation tests 7 days in a row. Once again, OPK showed my ovulation was coming right on time, then my temps had other plans. My Ovulite never showed me being fertile, which has me half worried, half convinced I wasted $28 on something useless. I have no idea if I’m doing it right. Getting a little bit of spit with no air bubbles onto a tiny microscope is harder than it sounds. And messy. That much testing, usually both in one day, was like a part-time job.

No word from my doctor on the thyroid test. I should’ve called today, as it’s been 2 weeks, but I have phone-phobia. They usually mail the results if they’re normal so I should get them in the mail soon. They would’ve called if something was wrong. I’m almost disappointed, because if I had a thyroid problem, I could take medication and feel better. So now I’m just tired all the time with no idea why. Wonderful.

I’ve been going through some tough emotional battering lately and that’s definitely led to stress eating. I’m hoping I can get my act together next cycle. Better eating, more exercise. I can’t help but be stressed over how long this is taking (even though it’s really not that long) because, selfishly enough, I don’t want to have my period on our anniversary vacation to Mexico in October. My cycles aren’t regular enough to know the exact dates, but it’s looking likely that I will. Considering we spend most of our days in the pool there and tampons are horribly uncomfortable for me, this is fairly saddening. That and I can’t TTC in September because I can’t risk being due in June and missing my sister’s wedding.

With all this on my mind, it’s no wonder TTC has been such an emotional roller coaster for me. I’m MAYBE DPO7 right now, but who knows. This month has been all over the place. I guess I’ll know for sure in a week or less. If I’m not pregnant, I’ll likely have my period while my sister and her fiance are staying with us this weekend, so I’ll take that opportunity to get good and drunk.


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