Cycle 4, CD10

Moving right along. Last cycle was obviously a no-go. There’s likely a chance my body is still working the birth control out. Finally called my doctor about my blood labs and they look “great.” I’ll get them in the mail soon. So, no thyroid problems. I’m going to bring up PCOS at my physical in Sept. I have a lot of the symptoms, but they could all be attributed to non-PCOS things so, who knows. I’ll also bring up the fatigue, since it wasn’t my thyroid. Yesterday was awful. SO TIRED.

On my therapist’s recommendation, I purchased Belleruth Naparstek’s Health Journeys Guided Imagery for Help with Fertility. I listened to the affirmations for the first time yesterday and sobbed my way through the whole thing. She took every fear and doubt and emotion I have, gave me permission to feel that way, and gave me positive alternatives to replace them. It hit me at a visceral level. I needed that. Needless to say, I’ll be listening to that EVERY DAY.

So here’s last cycle:


As you can see, I had that weird rise, a dip, then a rise again. No way to know if I actually ovulated, or if it was just late. That cycle was also super short.

Here’s this cycle so far:


Random rise very early, but I did take it later than usual. It was probably nothing.

So now I’m back to my fun routine of peeing in a cup, spitting on a microscope, and propping my feet up on my headboard after we BD. 😛 Oh the things we do for babies…

Also, there’s a conception guided imagery that I listened to after. So soothing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cycle 4, CD10

  1. I see you have a few open circles right around the time you may have ovulated. Are you taking your temperature at different times? Or not getting enough sleep? They say for every half hour change in your temp time your temp could be a tenth degree higher or lower depending on if you temp later or earlier. I noticed when I was pretty strict about my temps my cycle is much easier to read. Just a thought!

    • Like I said in my last entry…

      My temp-taking time isn’t perfectly consistent. I tend to wake up in the early morning (around 5 or 6 am) to pee, so I take my temp whenever I do, since I’ll be getting back up in a couple of hours. That time isn’t the same every day, and sometimes I sleep straight through till wake-up time. If I set an alarm for 3 or 4 am, I’m risking losing a perfect night’s sleep, which is rare and precious for me since I’m often fatigued. There is no good way for me to make my temp-taking perfect, and I refuse to drive myself crazy trying. I’ll just do the best I can.

      • One cycle I made a dummy account on Fertility Friend, and I plugged in the adjusted temps (+.1 degree for every half hour I woke up early, -.1 degree for every half hour I slept in) and my ovulation time became much clearer. It’s not as accurate because your body might behave differently, but it might help.

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