Cycle 4, CD21, DPO6

Things are looking good. I almost definitely ovulated on CD15 after all, and I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I’ve had some promising symptoms. Bloating, mild cramps, cravings, extreme moodiness. In a normal person, those wouldn’t be considered positive things, lol. 😉 I’m hoping they’re something more than my normal depression. According to hubby, I’m off the charts moody, so, yay? It’s been happening way too early for PMS, so I’m hoping it’s what I think it is. I won’t say it. But I’m hoping.


I’m going to start testing tomorrow, because I really can’t wait any longer. I know it’s unlikely to show up, but I can’t help myself.

I just hope today’s sobbing fit was…hormones of a particular kind. Please goddess…

Also worth noting, that secondary temp spike on CD19 is when hubby and I finally switched sides of the bed so I didn’t wake up freezing with the AC vent blasting on me. That may have been the cause of some low temps, depending on when I woke up, because it kicks in at about 7:30 am I think, and I normally take my temp between 7 and 8:30. Hopefully temps will be more consistent from now on.


I just noticed this Pregnancy Monitor feature on Fertility Friend.


I had no idea that existed as I usually just use the app. Well! I have some “points” in early pregnancy signs, and our BD timing was good. I laugh at their suggestion not to test till Aug. 15 though. Sorry, not happening. 😉


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