Cycle 4, CD25, DPO10

Behold, huge chart of hugeness:


Please note, despite similar colors, “increased sex drive” is CD14 and “sleep deprived” is CD25. Obviously. 😛

So. Crazy stuff. Implantation symptoms up the wazoo, no positive test yet because it’s still pretty early, but AF was due today. Cramps are worse but kinda feel different from AF still. The sleep deprived part? I did NOT sleep last night. Partly due to an idiot at Dunkin’ Donuts giving me caffeinated coffee instead of decaf, partly because I expected a clear pregnancy test the morning (so naive!) and my stomach was in knots all night. I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests today, and each had a SUPER pale line that was probably evap or just the built-in line that fills in with ink. Very inconclusive.

I have Babi One Step pee strips and bought a 3-pack of ClearBlue tests. I then read and heard that First Response is more accurate, so I bought a 3-pack of those today. There’s no point in re-testing this late in the day, so I get to wait till tomorrow morning. Again. Oh AND my temp jumped again this morning. I even took it an hour earlier than usual (because that’s when I woke up) so that’s definitely a good sign. But, did the not-sleeping thing affect it? I slept SOME before I took it, but no idea how much.

So now I’m checking my underwear like every hour and studying the TP every time I go to the bathroom. I’m a complete zombie from lack of sleep and strung tighter than a violin in anticipation of eventual test results. Things have never looked so promising, so I’m completely freaking out.

In the end, even if I’m not pregnant this month, I’ve learned something: I’ve had enough implantation symptoms to KNOW that something tried to work. I definitely ovulated, and his sperm definitely did their job. I have no doubt. That clears up a LOT of anxieties because really, how do you know for sure without expensive hospital tests? Everything is doing its job. If I don’t implant this cycle, maybe I will next time. It’s very relieving to think of it this way.

Here are my evil ambiguous tests. You really have to squint to see the second line.

And that’s it. Till tomorrow I guess.


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