Pregnancy 3w5d

Well, still pregnant so far. 😉 Wow. I still can’t believe this is real!

I’m going to try to update on Thursdays because those will be exact week marks (4 weeks this Thursday) so I will detail more about my symptoms and such then. For now, I’ll tell the story of this weekend. 🙂

As I described, I was having many early symptoms, starting at DPO3. They got more pronounced and more symptoms added into the mix and I started getting very VERY optimistic. I tested Thursday and Friday but got negatives as it was too early. I figured Saturday would be my best bet to finally see something. Friday night…I did NOT sleep. I literally got about 3 hours, broken up. It was awful. My stomach was in knots with anticipation. I sprung awake at 5:45 am, but that was too early to take my temp. It would be WAY off. I managed to put it off for another 15 min. but I really had to pee. Took my temp, it was even higher than the day before. Went to the bathroom, took 2 tests: Babi One Step and Clearblue Easy. Unfortunately, I’d been up and to the bathroom several times overnight, and my sample was a bit diluted. I waited, I squinted, I stared at the sticks, but only saw the faintest line that really couldn’t be counted. It could be evap lines (which I learned about later). I went back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

I told hubby about it but he agreed the lines weren’t enough. They were practically imaginary. After telling friends about my failed test, two of them recommended First Response, so I picked some up. I ended up skipping a party I was planning on attending because I was just so utterly exhausted. I went to bed that night expecting to pass out, but nope, started with the anxiety. My whole body was tense, nothing I did could calm me down. I slept about 5 hours, waking up around 6 am again. Took my temp, still high. Went into the bathroom armed with 3 tests.

As I’d slept longer than the night before, I had a much darker sample to test. I dipped all three and waited. Same ultra pale results for Babi and Clearblue…distinct second line for First Response. It was almost an anti-climax, as I’d kind of known it was coming. The signs had been really obvious. Still…OMG!

I went back to bed. Husband was fast asleep. There was no way I was waking him up that early on a Sunday. I posted on the Fertility Friend forums. I tried to sleep. Eventually I passed out for a couple hours and woke up with him at 10:30. He ran to the bathroom before I could tell him. He came back, we chatted a little, then I said, “Hey baby? We’re having a baby.” 🙂

He just smiled and I hugged and kissed him. Then later the shock wore off and he started freaking out a bit. I don’t blame him. This is a lot to take in. Our lives are about to change forever.

That afternoon I had to attend a family cookout. And NOT TELL ANYONE I’M PREGNANT. It was TORTURE. Also, I couldn’t drink any of the giant jug of homemade sangria. 😛 At least when I hugged my cousin’s wife and congratulated her on her pregnancy, I could be genuine!

Now, I’m trying to keep it secret, as in just on my private Twitter account. 😉 I texted my sister and my best friend, who both live in other states. Obviously they were very excited. Throughout it all, I couldn’t stop thinking about my friend Stephanie, who I’ve been friends with online for at least 10 years and who was on this TTC journey with me. Today, SHE GOT HER BFP!!! SHE’S DUE TWO DAYS AFTER ME!!! I literally sobbed. I completely freaked out. I AM SO HAPPY!!! I couldn’t have picked a better person to share this journey with!

In the meantime, I’m TRYING not to buy things I don’t need yet, and planning how we’re going to tell his parents and my aunt and uncle in October. We all have anniversaries within a month of each other, so I’m thinking of having them all over for dinner, and giving them some kind of “grandchild” frame with a piece of paper in it saying “Photo due on or around April 24.” For my aunt and uncle (who are basically my parents now), this will be their 8th grandchild after my cousin’s wife has hers in January. However, for my in-laws, this will be their first (and only) grandchild. His mother is GOING. TO. FREAK. I can’t wait!!!

Tomorrow I have therapy, so I get to tell someone in person other than my husband FINALLY. And then…I pray. Please stick baby, please!!!

Oh, and I called my doctor and made an appointment today. Earliest she could fit me in was this Friday at 4, so that’s when I’ll see her!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy 3w5d

  1. Girl… I totally cried reading this. For so many reasons. 🙂 I am so, SO happy for you. I actually cried the night before my BFP because, let’s face it, I was jealous (you know the feeling, haha!), but I was also so genuinely happy and wanted what was best. I was sobbing to Yemaya, hoping for myself and asking her to bless your pregnancy.

    And now… we get to share it together!! I am so freakin’ thrilled to be TWO DAYS APART (your 24 to my 26 April) from someone I have known for so long and care so much for. We MIGHT actually be right alongside each other, as I didn’t temp before O and who knows, I might have ovulated earlier. Regardless, you’re RIGHT THERE WITH ME and I am SO EXCITED!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS again!! A very happy, healthy, and blessed pregnancy!! We’ll have to get our little witchy babies together sometime shortly after birth. 😀

    • What was your LMC? Everything seems to base it off that. I was July 18.

      Dude I might try to see you BEFORE we have babies! Maryland isn’t THAT far! I’m still SO MAD that I was sick when you came to Salem! You were literally 10 miles away! 😦

      Okay, that was a lot of exclamation points. I’m doing that a lot these days. Honestly, the only thing that I’m happier about than my pregnancy is YOUR pregnancy. I feel like my joy has doubled. We’ve been through SO MUCH together over the years, even though we’ve never met, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. We even got married the same month! Our lives are so crazily intertwined. The Goddess has Her hand in this, for sure. 😉

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I was July 20. 🙂 And yeah, it IS what they seem to base it on. Since I ovulated (maybe?) on CD15, I’m not too far off. Anyway, two days off!! 😀

        Oh, that would be wonderful!! We have no plans to get up to New England anytime soon (all travel from here until Baby Time is dedicated to Florida — I’m going to HATE the flying part!), but if you’re ever in this area, I’d LOVE to meet you!! Officially, that is. 😉

        Aw, that’s amazingly sweet!! And I feel the exact same for you!! We’re pretty much like soul sisters when it comes to this stuff (love, marriage, babies!), and to know that we get to go on such a life-changing journey together is DEFINITELY the icing on the cake! I’m so, so thrilled for you!!

        ❤ 😀 ❤ (MOAR EXCLAMATIONS!!!!!!!!)

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