Cycle 6, CD27

No luck last cycle, which was fine because it was the first cycle after my miscarriage. Tried a little more this cycle, but still wasn’t tracking or testing. On vacation, I could have sworn I felt implantation cramps, but tested negative yesterday. I’m not sure, can an embryo attempt to implant and fail, causing some symptoms of implantation? No idea if that’s a possibility.

So now I’m just waiting on the next period, which should come tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m going to start tracking my temp again this coming cycle and test with OPKs. We’ll make a more targeted BD effort than the past 2 cycles. It’s time.

Four babies have been born to friends this month, with two more on the way. Luckily, I’m finding the births don’t depress me much. It’s the new pregnancies that are harder for me. Haven’t had to deal with my family lately and confront any of the pregnant cousins. The two on my dad’s side are on the other side of the country, and I unsubscribed from their Facebook feeds so I don’t have to read about it. The other two pregnant cousins on my mom’s side are local, and I’ll have to see them at some point. I only hope I’m pregnant again before I do. Not only am I jealous, but I desperately want my baby to be close in age to theirs. Since we’re only having one, I want our kid to have cousin playmates.

General tracking for this cycle:

Wish me luck next cycle. I was almost relieved to not be pregnant this cycle because I would have been due less than 2 weeks after my sister’s wedding, which ran the risk of me missing it. I would be devastated, and she even more so. This next cycle would put my EDD at mid-July, so that would be great. Fingers crossed!


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