Cycle 7, CD21, DPO12?

Warning, this post contains some TMI poop talk. Sorry. 😛

So…yeah. I have no idea what’s going on with my body. We got back from Mexico on Sat. Oct. 13, and that Monday, I had diarrhea. Okay. I’d eaten out the night before, something may have been wrong with it. I then got my period the next day, business as usual. The next week was fine, but the week after that, I had severe appetite loss and on and off diarrhea. On a day I wasn’t feeling too rotten, we managed to BD.

I was trying to take my temp but my sleeping patterns were off, I was waking up feeling ill, and it was just a mess. Same goes for taking OPK tests. I wrote this month off as a wash, with much sadness. My husband theorized I’d picked up tapeworm in Mexico (oh joy!) but doc said my inconsistent symptoms made gastroenteritis more likely, and it usually clears up in 10-14 days. My stomach hurt on and off, the diarrhea stopped but I still had occasional loose stools. To this day, into my third week of feeling like this, my stomach is fussy and I have lots of cramping.

What I did have for basal temp data indicated an interesting possibility. Did I ovulate on CD9?

The OPK would have missed the LH surge because I started testing on day 9. The few temps I took seem to indicate it pretty clearly. Since we BD’d on day 10, it’s possible that fertilization occurred. It would be unlikely, but possible.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up, which is futile. Any time pregnancy becomes even a remote possibility, my hopes soar, whether I want them to or not. Now here’s my conundrum: It’s late enough after (possible) ovulation that I could take a test. But it’s very far from the end of my cycle. Do I chance it and take one tomorrow, with the expectation of a negative? I’ll have to buy more if I test tomorrow, it’s my last one. Still, a negative still isn’t conclusive till I get my period or test again later. I suck at waiting. 😦

I can’t decide what symptoms might be related. Are my recent cramps from baby? Was the previous stomach ailment unrelated? Am I moodier and more tired lately or am I just imagining it? Cuz really, I feel VERY crampy, moody, and tired. Very.


3 thoughts on “Cycle 7, CD21, DPO12?

  1. Bulk Tests on amazon are my savior. Seriously… i test ALOT… and blowing through a 50 pack at about $15.00 seems like a drop in the bucket since I was buying the three Pack First response at $17.00 every three days during one month. Best of luck!

    • I was using bulk (Babi One Step) tests from Amazon but they were so inaccurate! The OPKs are fine, but last time I was pregnant, the bulk test didn’t give me a positive until a day after First Response. I’m addicted to First Response now. I really don’t trust the cheap ones after that. =/ I only test once or twice a month. I suck at waiting, but I’m capable of it at times. 😉

      • you test once or twice a month – God bless your soul child can you please pass that on to me…

        If there is a stick in sight, I pee on it. I take photos daily of OPK and HCG sticks… its an obsession. I need help.

        First response was my go to for my first pregnancy (I took 8 of them) 🙂 I have three of them hiding in my closet. I reserve them for day of my period testing 🙂

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