Cycle 7, CD23, DPO14?

I lied. Definitely didn’t limit myself to one or two tests this month.

Monday morning, I took my last First Response and a cheap-o Babi One Step. Both came up negative. I went back to bed (as it was around 7am) and when I got up later, I took another Babi One Step. Negative. Both samples looked pretty diluted and light. I then ordered another 3-pack of First Respsonse on Amazon. I managed not to take one yesterday, but I woke up distinctly nauseous this morning around 8, then had diarrhea. I popped a Preggie Pop Drop in my mouth for the nausea and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 11, felt better, and took another Babi One Step test. Again, a light, diluted sample, and again, a negative result.

My basal temp is still high. My stomach is still acting completely whack. I’m worried if I’m NOT pregnant, there’s something seriously wrong with my stomach. And no, I don’t think that stress is causing the stomach issues because I’m worried, but not freaking out. I still could be pregnant. I hate being so sure, because I have been wrong before, but I really feel like I’m pregnant. Tired and cranky (at least, more than usual!), stomach aches, morning nausea. I mean, come on. It seems pretty obvious. Now if the tests would just cooperate! 😦

Worst comes to worst, I should know for sure in no more than 5 days, if I get my period. This waiting is driving me INSANE.


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