Cycle 8, CD20, DPO5

DPO5? I guess? Cuz my chart is all KINDS of whack. Temp is jumping up and down all over the place, and I’ve actually been fairly consistent with time. One was way off because I was feeling sick so I wore PJs that night (I usually sleep nude) because for some reason when I feel nauseous, I shiver. So the next morning had a high temp, cuz I was clothed. I threw that one out, but I had no good reason to discard any of the rest, wonky as they were. This past Monday I was nauseous for like 24 hours (mentioned above with the PJ-wearing) and couldn’t figure out why, but I later read ovulation can make you nauseous. But my chart insists it was Sunday, so who knows. The OPKs seems to indicate Sunday too.



Here. Thoughts? Wacky as all hell. BD didn’t always happen when I wanted. Such is life.

Been a little crampy on and off. Trying not to hope. Failing as usual. Was looking through my Fertility Friend app and accidentally saw what my EDD would be…the 6th anniversary of meeting my husband. Now, of course, I want that EDD sooooo badly it hurts.

Sigh. 8 days till I test. I WILL wait. I promise. Sat. Dec. 8th is the day. And I see my sis that day to help her shop for her wedding dress, so I can either celebrate or be comforted.


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