Cycle 9, CD15

I have been panicking about ovulation. I JUST got my first positive OPK of the cycle today. I was so relieved, I almost cried. I’m fine with this baby-making thing taking a little long, but not ovulating is SCARY. That means something might be wrong, and I was pretty freaked out.

The problem is my cycles are getting shorter little by little and I’m ovulating later and later. This means my luteal phase is getting shorter and I need it, dammit! My little egg needs that time to implant. Stop eating into my luteal phase! Stupid body.

So. Hopefully BD tonight and Sunday. Hopefully ovulation tomorrow, but I usually get two positive OPKs before I ovulate so it might be as late as Sunday, CD17. Ugh. With a 26-day cycle. Not cool.



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