Pregnancy 4w6d

I know it means nothing really, but today is the day I started spotting in my last pregnancy, leading to my miscarriage the next day. It’s especially meaningless because I ovulated 3 days later this time, so the timing doesn’t match up at all. Still, emotionally, I feel like getting past this day is a small milestone. My first big one will be 6 weeks, then 8. I look forward to those days.

Today, I’ll be going out to dinner with some of my extended family that was away over the holidays. I’m terrified of catching something with the horrible flu season we’re having. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I’ve only had the flu once in my adult life. I have an egg sensitivity now, and the shot contains egg white, so I DEFINITELY can’t get it. Nor do I want to, because it’s not all that effective. However, I’m still nervous, because the last thing I want right now is the flu. I’ll be consuming some extra vitamin C and washing my hands more often just in case.

I woke up SUPER nauseous today. The most I’ve felt so far. It lasted about 3 hours. While not fun, it was fairly reassuring. I also had horrible insomnia Monday and Tuesday nights, but managed to finally sleep about 7 hours last night.

So. Here I was about 5 months ago:



And here I am today:



I’m not recording symptoms there anymore (I have another pregnancy-specific app for that), nor have I really been recording every last one, and I’ve stopped taking my temp because it only makes me panic. But that’s the basic comparison. The only difference is that I started spotting at DPO20 last time (which I’ve yet to actually reach). I’m trying not to dwell too much obviously, but I can’t help remembering. All I can do is cross my fingers…and wait.


One thought on “Pregnancy 4w6d

  1. Just FYI: You can get pregnancy-safe egg-free flu shots. Just call ahead and make sure they have them in stock. Archer has an egg allergy and I got a flu shot while pregnant, so I know they’re safe!

    Sending lots of love!

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