Pregnancy 5w

I lied, I’m going to start the weekly update entries today. 😛 Not this entry though, I’ll do another one tonight when Simon can take a photo of me.

Feeling okay. EXHAUSTED. Only a little nausea this morning. Boobs definitely hurt now. Might have to start wearing a bra to bed. Hungry. No aversion to meat yet like last time.

I’m less stressed and more optimistic. I told my aunt about the miscarriage and my current pregnancy last night. I really needed a mom figure to confide in, other than my therapist. My aunt has know me my whole life. She was my mother’s older sister. She’s the closest thing I have to a mom and I’m not going to keep her in the dark just so I can do some big dramatic reveal in a couple months. I’ll save that for the in-laws. 😉 She and my uncle were SO excited. I trust them to keep it to themselves, since they know about the miscarriage now.

I think the meditating and listening to affirmations is helping. I really don’t feel as “gloom and doom” any more. I bought a pregnancy journal, but I’ll start writing in it at 6 weeks. Took a different brand pregnancy test this morning, and it was positive, but a little pale, as usual. Just have to keep telling myself that means nothing. Looking back at my photos from my pregnancy tests last time, they looked similar.

Latest pee tests:




Honestly, they look fine. Clear as day. I need to give it a rest. 😛

I created a secret group on Facebook for people “in the know” to see occasional updates. If you’re reading this and we’re FB friends, let me know if you want me to add you.

I guess that’s all for now. Week 5 update tonight!



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