Cycle 10, CD11

Hi. I’m okay. Figured I’d update so y’all don’t worry too much. I’m continuing with the cycle/day blog titles but not testing for ovulation at the moment.

Went to my doctor. Didn’t call her to tell her I miscarried so she was smiling when I walked in, then I explained what happened and her face fell. She was so hopeful for me. I basically said, “I miscarried again. At 5 weeks. Again. I need tests done to figure out why.” She said she’d normally tell people to try again because twice can be just a fluke, but she could tell by my face that wasn’t acceptable so she got me the name of an RE (reproductive endocrinologist, aka fertility doctor). When I explained my shortening luteal phase, she agreed it may be the problem and that hopefully progesterone will help.

So I’m going to see my new RE next week. Crap, that reminds me I need to fill out and send in the new patient paperwork. I was excited I could get an appointment in less than 2 weeks, and the place is two miles up the street. I’m thankful everything is falling into place. Hopefully we’ll figure out what’s wrong, I’ll get some kind of treatment, and I’ll stay pregnant next time.

Getting pregnant obviously isn’t our problem, which honestly surprised me. We’re 31 and 37, both overweight (I’m perfectly healthy, but he has inherited blood pressure problems and takes medication). I just assumed getting pregnant might be difficult. But nope, pregnant twice in 9 months of trying. That’s really good. Please goddess, let it be a simple problem with a simple solution.

Related, kind of, we’re going to try the paleo diet, or at least 5-6 days a week. There’s no way we can permanently give up bread and cheese. šŸ˜› I may start another blog for that journey, possibly relating to its effects on my fertility.

So. Here I am. Survivor of two miscarriages in five months. Never thought I’d be in this place, that’s for sure.


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