Cycle 10, CD18

My RE appointment went well. I like the doc (big, friendly Italian guy) and no mention was made of my weight other than to ask what it is. If he’d tried to blame my issues on my weight, I’d have walked out. I’m perfectly healthy. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue.

We basically just had a consultation (my husband was there too). He recommended a bunch of tests to rule out or find hormonal imbalances, uterus partitions, or immune system antibodies. I have to call them on the first day of my next period (which should be around Feb. 9) to set appointments for these tests:



They also need to do a hysterosalpingography, where they inject dye into my uterus. It can be… uncomfortable. Whatever. Bring it on. I’ve survived two miscarriages in five months. I can handle this.

So that’s the plan. If everything comes back negative, they may check my husband’s sperm, but that seems to be doing its job, so it would mean the miscarriages were just a fluke. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be hormonal, that’s my guess. Now, I wait.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 10, CD18

  1. Did you ask them if it could be the blood types? It is very hard to carry when the child could have an opposite blood type to you. Or so I was told by the nurse I live with. So you have to see what your blood type is and what yours husbands is.

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