Cycle 10, CD31

So, you see that blog title? Day 31. I’m never longer than 28 days. I had a 28-day cycle after my last miscarriage. I know they’re not always the same, but I’m getting worried. We had sex on day 22. I figured it was late enough in the cycle to be safe, and it had been a month and a half since we last did it. We needed it.

Now I’m scared. I know I could just be late, as women often are after a miscarriage. But seriously? PLEASE do not let me be pregnant again. Not only would that be ridiculous, but I’d be even more likely to miscarry than before. It would mean I had ovulated really late, and my uterine lining is probably thin after the miscarriage.

I just want my period so I can start my fertility testing. I’m impatient and worried. This sucks.

Pregnancy test on Saturday if I don’t have my period yet.


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