Cycle 11, CD1

FINALLY. After a 38-day cycle, my period started today. And with a vengeance. Ow. 😦

I noticed it around 2pm so I immediately called the RE’s office because the cut-off is 3pm. I set up all my appointments. Well, most. I think I still need one more for hormone testing after I ovulate.

So, here we go. Getting blood drawn this Friday morning, then the HSG (dye in the uterus) next Thursday, and more blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound the next day. I expect all of it to pretty much suck, but it’ll all be worth it if it means they can figure out why I can’t stay pregnant.

In the meantime, taking a serious break from trying to conceive. Since it’s safe now, I decided I just can’t live with this awful acne one more day, so I started back on all my salicylic acid face stuff. I’ll hopefully be able to clear my skin up by my sister’s wedding in June, then I’ll switch back to the pregnancy safe stuff when we TTC again.

The paleo diet is going pretty well. I’ve lost 3 lbs. in 3 weeks as of this morning, but that’s with period bloat. Hubby has lost around 9 lbs.! And we’re never hungry. We eat all we want. Lots of bacon. It’s pretty sweet. I do miss bread, but when I accidentally had some breaded wings I felt sick all night, so it’s just not worth it.

If I’m lucky, my only problem was gluten intolerance. That can cause infertility and miscarriage. Hoping being off it helps. Also off soy.

I’m going to enjoy not TTC for a while. I’m not happy about it per se, but I’m going to have a few drinks and get a new tattoo and dye my hair just because I can. Then, in a few months and hopefully with some kind of treatment, we’ll give it another shot.

April 24, my first due date, is fast approaching. It is NOT going to be easy. I may stay off the Internet for a few days because babies and bellies will make me cry. More than usual.

This sucks.


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