Pregnancy 4w2d

My second beta went awesome! My HCG jumped from 488 to 1,117!!!

I barely slept last night. My appointment was early this morning, then I tried to take a nap, but slept fitfully. Got up again at 10, made myself eat something and try to relax. I was literally shaking. I laid down, I played iPhone games, I went outside, and finally I took a 15 min. walk. When I got home, the ruby fuchsite sphere I’d ordered had arrived. I tore into the box, and it is gorgeous.



Just as I held it in my hand and took that photo, the phone rang. It was past noon at that point. My stomach dropped and I answered it. And got the good news. I still can’t believe it. Such an awesome HCG level!!!

I called my husband, then emailed my sister, then tweeted it on my private account. So much love and well-wishes.

So…here we go! Next blood draw is next Friday morning, Oct. 25. I’m sure I’ll be a wreck all over again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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