Pregnancy 4w5d

Sleep. Sleep. My kingdom for a good night’s sleep.

For four nights now, I’ve been awake till the wee hours of the morning, then finally falling asleep only to wake every hour or so, usually to pee. I’ve been unable to sleep in once morning arrives, and unable to nap during the day. I REST, but I never fall asleep during the day now.

This could be a Crinone (progesterone cream) side effect. Luckily I won’t be on it any later than week 12. Don’t get me wrong, any suffering is 100% worth it, but we’re moving in 6 days and I’m running off almost no sleep.

Otherwise, I’m doing well. No nausea yet, but I am peeing constantly and my boobs are getting quite sore. All good signs. Occasional tummy cramping. I’ll be 5 weeks on Wednesday. I’ll be 5 weeks 2 days on Friday when I get my next blood test. That’s as far as my last two pregnancies got.

I took another pregnancy test yesterday morning, one of the cheap ones that showed a faint line last week, and the line was SUPER dark this time. Nice. 🙂

Looking up hCG levels online, mine are on the high side. Can’t help thinking it might be twins. Oh my. O_O Otherwise, I’m convinced it’s a boy. We’ve decided on our names. I want to buy things. Maternity shirts and and…I don’t even know what else, but I want to buy stuff for this pregnancy because this is the one that’s going to make it.

I’m taking today off from packing. We’re doing pretty well. We’ll be living with my sister and her wife for 5 days between houses. We were going to go to NH, but with me being pregnant now, we’d rather be close to home and doctors just in case.

I think I’m going to go relax in my massage chair now. 😛


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