Pregnancy 7w5d

Still pregnant! Woo!

I figured it was time for a more detailed update.ย I’ve lost a pound and gained 2 inches around both my waist and my bust. I’m exhausted and have trouble sleeping and have occasional nausea, but luckily I haven’t thrown up yet. My oral thrush from my asthma medication has come back with a vengeance, but the usual cure isn’t pregnancy safe, so I’m treating it naturally with apple cider vinegar and plain yogurt. My next ultrasound is Wednesday, when I’ll be 8 weeks along. I’m still on progesterone cream and probably will be until 12 weeks.

That’s the quick version. I’m very very grateful I haven’t thrown up yet, but oh gods what I wouldn’t give for a solid night’s sleep. I get up to pee every two hours or less. I have trouble napping even though I’m exhausted. I just feel like everything is more difficult. I spent yesterday pretty much just splat on the couch. There is so much to do and I have NO energy. Today I managed to do laundry, go food shopping, and make dinner. I’m amazed. I need to do a lot more unpacking before my in-laws come to see the new house this weekend.

This weekend! We’re telling them this weekend! I can’t wait! I bought this frame to put the 8-week ultrasound photo in, then I’m going to hand it to my MIL all casual-like, saying “Oh I thought you might like this, I got you a little something.” ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s provided everything goes well at the ultrasound. One more day and a wake-up. I cannot WAIT. I just want to see my Jelly Bean growing.

I still haven’t started filling out my pregnancy journal. I will after Wednesday. I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I still check the TP for blood when I wipe, though not every single time any more at least. I take a pregnancy test every few days. My last one had such a fast, dark line, it was like it was shouting “YES. YOU’RE PREGNANT. You can’t get much more positive, honey.” I just remember the faint lines of my last two pregnancies. That dark line is such a relief.

My boobs HURT. SO MUCH. As always, 100% worth it, but holy hell. Just walking is painful. Getting out of bed and feeling gravity hit, even wearing a bra to bed, is tear-inducing. I’m getting too big for my regular bras so I’m wearing my sports bras, but I’ll need bigger ones soon. I need support, but it can’t be too tight or that hurts more.

My appetite is pretty reduced. I often feel queasy after breakfast. I wanted to start back on paleo after we moved, but I’m too tired for that much cooking. We went to the market and bought lots of easy to cook stuff. It’s not the worst, but I haven’t bought this much processed crap since before I moved in with my husband. But, it’s better than eating out and ordering delivery. Better to cook something at home even if it’s an easy packaged meal. Tonight was tacos. ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess that’s it for now. The new house is AMAZING. I love it here. There’s just a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do. I can’t wait till it feels less cluttered. I can’t wait to really get started on the baby’s room. This is happening. All my dreams are coming true. โค


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy 7w5d

  1. How exciting!! I can’t believe I missed your wonderful, fantastic and totally amazing news ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congratulations!!! I think my reader is doing something wanky because your posts are not showing up there even though I’m following – so weird!

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