Pregnancy 8w4d

We told the in-laws today!!!

We had them over to see our new house. My heart was racing, trying not to say anything while we gave them the tour. Then, it took forever for everyone (us and his parents and brother) to be sitting in the same room. Then for an appropriate lull in the conversation, which I ended up forcing out of impatience, lol.

Oh so casually, I handed this frame (with my 8-week ultrasound in it) to his mom and said, “Oh by the way, picked this up, thought you might like it.”



She was really confused at first, then it dawned on her, then she had to explain it to hubby’s dad. They were all very happy, in their own way. They’re not very expressive people. I think my BIL is pretty excited about being an uncle. This will be my in-laws’ only grandchild (while on my side of the family, it’s the 9th grandchild!) so I know it will be very loved. I did also tell them about my miscarriages, to set expectations that things might not go perfectly. My MIL had multiple miscarriages and a stillbirth between her two sons, and was holding her breath with anxiety throughout her pregnancy with my husband. Then, he was born 5 weeks early in the middle of the Blizzard of ’76! 😉

So now everyone important knows! I’ll tell the rest of my family at Thanksgiving. I told any friends that didn’t know yet last night at a gathering. I’ll announce it on Facebook and my public Twitter at 12 weeks. I created the most adorably geeky pregnancy announcement.

A few days ago, I finally called and set up appointments with an OB and a PCP in this area. I see my PCP on Nov. 25, then the OB on Dec. 2 and Dec. 12. Dec. 2 feels forever away. I’m going to be so paranoid until then. Today I had some Crinone discharge that was pink and brown. Inserting the Crinone can irritate the vagina, so a little bleeding is common. I didn’t see any actual spotting. I’m supposed to stop taking it on Nov. 23. I’m going to call my RE and double check; it seems so early! But I’ll be glad to be done with it. It’s gross and uncomfortable and I haven’t had sex in well over a month.

Still exhausted, still peeing constantly, boobs still hurt, still getting queasy…but I haven’t thrown up! So grateful. I have a very sensitive stomach and get motion sickness, so it was very likely that I’d have morning sickness. I’m shocked I haven’t. I hope it’s not a bad sign. I know people who’ve had it and miscarried, and not had it and had a healthy baby. It’s just that on the whole, morning sickness is supposed to be a good sign. Oh well. I certainly don’t want it.

My birthday is Thursday. We’re going to see the Hunger Games and Catching Fire double feature and I’m SO EXCITED!!! Then we finally have a free weekend to try to finish unpacking and cleaning. Then, appointment with my PCP, then Thanksgiving. Hopefully that’ll all make the time fly until my OB appointment. I’m pretty sure the first one is just a consultation, then I’ll have an ultrasound at the second one, but I’m hoping not. I want another ultrasound. I’ll probably buy a doppler around 10 weeks, though I know I probably won’t hear anything till 12 or 13 weeks. I want to try. 🙂

I can’t believe I’m sailing toward 9 weeks.


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