Pregnancy 9w2d

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 32. This is the year I will give birth to my baby. I’m still so scared to be optimistic, but I’m trying. 32 is my year.

We went to a double feature of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It was AWESOME. I decked out in my Hunger Games tee and necklace. 🙂



The theatre had been recently redone with all leather reclining seats! It was so comfy! Good thing too, because I don’t think either of us would’ve lasted 6 hours in normal movie seats.

My in-laws gave me b-day presents when they visited last weekend. Cash from MIL and FIL which I’ll use to buy maternity bras, and jewelry and a tee from my BIL. Last night, hubby gave me his gift: the set of 12 Hunger Games nail polishes I wanted. 🙂 Tonight we’re going out with my sis, SIL, aunt, and uncle for sushi and Chinese. I want sweet potato maki!

Awesome birthday so far. First one with no booze in a while. 😉 Still riding that fine line of excitement and terror over this pregnancy. The further into it I get, the more it’s going to hurt if I lose it. My biggest fear at this point is discovering it’s horribly ill or deformed and having to abort. I know MOST babies are fine. I just feel like my luck might run out.


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