Pregnancy 9w4d

Marching on towards 10 weeks. Having days where I worry, and days (like today) where I’m so exhausted and peeing so often that there’s no question I’m still pregnant. I’m actively working on my Amazon registry and my Isis Parenting registry and seeking advice about cloth diapering and product brands and such. I’m loving all the geeky toys and decor I’m finding.

My first appointment with my new PCP is tomorrow. I need to ask her about the oral thrush, which is back. I’m holding off on using the gentian violet again so she can get a good look at my throat. It’s impossible to see when coated in bright purple. Then another week until my first OB appointment, which I CANNOT WAIT for! Move faster, time! Then slow down once I have my baby cuz I’ve heard that’s when it really speeds up.

Looking forward to telling my cousins at Thanksgiving. And subsequently, their kids (my nieces and nephews), who may have varying degrees of excitement considering there’s two new little baby brothers in the mix. 😉 I helped my aunt out with them on my birthday and hopefully will again this Tuesday. It’s good practice, but most of all, I love spending time with them. The 2.5yo nephew is already more cuddly with me.

My appetite is pretty limited. I get full very quickly. I’m told the pregnancy hunger happens later, lol. For some, not everyone. Yesterday I made it through a busy day with no naps, but come 6:30 pm, I was falling asleep. I decided to go to bed early. I slept till 9, then was wide awake. Got up at 10 pm, had dinner, stayed up till 2 am, then fell back to sleep around 3 am. What a night. I need to nap during the day, because if I don’t and fall asleep in the evening, my body treats it like a nap, then I’m up half the night. Blah.

Oh, I got a Target gift card for my birthday and used it to buy two Belly Bras. They look like they’ll be nice and supportive all over. I’ll let you all know how they work out. I think I’m giving up on jeans for now. I hardly ever wear them, so it’s not worth buying belly bands for them. I’ll just switch to elastic waist everything, which I have plenty of. Hubby found another stash of my clothes that I hadn’t seen, so I unpacked those today, and DUDE I have TOO MUCH CLOTHING. I knew this, but yikes. So now I definitely have plenty of oversized sweaters and sweater dresses to wear this winter. I’m going to go delete all clothing off my wish list. And jewelry. And shoes.


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