Pregnancy 10w5d

I just got back from my prenatal intake appointment. The baby books led me to believe it was going to be a full OB appointment, but they were mistaken. I shaved my legs for nothing. 😛 Basically she just asked me a lot of questions about my medical history and medications, took my blood pressure, weight, and a urine sample, then I got blood drawn. I specifically didn’t pee before I left for my appointment, then somehow couldn’t produce much of a sample. Dammit. They took ALL the blood though. Seven vials! Also my blood pressure was high after the pee debacle, then fine 20 minutes later. Oi.

My next appointment is December 12. I believe that’s going to be the full OB exam. No ultrasound though. Sad. 😦 I also scheduled a Down’s Syndrome screening for December 18, which is basically an ultrasound, so that should give me some peace of mind. I just want to know what’s going on in there! I can’t help but worry. I’ll feel so much better when I’m far enough along to check the heartbeat with the home doppler I ordered.

That’s about all for now. I told the rest of my family at Thanksgiving. They were all very happy. I’m still tired, but making it through the day without naps now. Sleeping about 12 hours a night, or at least trying. Getting up every couple of hours to pee. Boobs still hurt and I’m outgrowing my bras. Still queasy, and I threw up Friday morning, but that was only the second time, so I’m not doing bad. I just feel…stalled. Not much is changing, I can’t get much info about what’s going on inside me, and I’m still worried. Forget blood on the TP, now I’m just worried the baby’s heart will stop and I won’t know. Or I’ll get to 20 weeks and find out it has some fatal birth defect. I just can’t have faith that my luck will hold.


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