Pregnancy 12w1d

Oooooh what a day. I had my OB appointment at 1 pm. She was SUPER nice. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She did a pap (yay fun not) then fetal heart monitor. She couldn’t find the heartbeat. Cue heart attack. She insisted she wasn’t concerned, that you can’t always find it at 12 weeks, and she’d get an ultrasound for me to ease my mind. I got dressed, shaking.

About 10 minutes later, I was in the ultrasound room with a very nice tech. He knew I was worried and got started right away. Found the baby no problem, and it was wiggling like crazy!!! I could see it, bopping all around! It was the most amazing sight ever. Such an active little one. Measured 12w5d and heart rate was 156.

The images were amazing. You can really see it’s a baby now, not just a blob. I saw a face and fingers and kicking and squirming. Unbelievable. I’m really here. I really have a baby in there, growing just like it should.

I pulled the trigger and announced my pregnancy publicly on Twitter and Facebook. The love has been overwhelming. I feel like I’m glowing. Except now I’m emotionally and physically exhausted and splat on the couch. 😉

Here’s the announcement I made pretty much a week after my pregnancy test:


And here’s my baby!!!



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