Pregnancy 14w2d

More weird dreams! 🙂

I’ve been having a recurring theme in my dreams about going back to college, moving into a dorm, and running into some kind of issue. In this one, I moved in before my roommates, then went elsewhere. I came back later and all my clothes and books had disappeared, and none of my three roommates knew what happened to them. I then got a phone call that they were found in an ocean in Canada and I had to go pick them up. One of my roommates also had an anti-gravity device and it made all my pregnancy pains go away. Yup.

Another dream was about holding a concert at my house (which may happen next year with Marian Call!). My favorite band Indigo Girls was sitting next to me, and before the show started, one of them was casually singing some of their songs and I sang along in harmony and I was so excited. After the concert, all the guests kept trying to use my master bathroom and I kept angrily kicking them out. They can use the guest bathroom. 😛

Couple of random ones I don’t remember much about: husband and I went to a birthday party place and were late for a party and saw Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen hanging out there. In another one, a college friend/acquaintance was over my house and I wanted her to leave so I could eat and she wouldn’t leave, and she did not seem to understand that I must eat or I’ll be queasy. I kept getting super frustrated and angry, which seems to be another theme lately.

Last night, I dreamed hubby and I were secret agents and we had to fake our own deaths and plant fake intelligence so the enemy would find it and accidentally expose themselves. It involved writing a letter, making it look old, putting some of our blood on it so the enemies would see it’s our DNA, then hubby had to be in a submarine that blew up but he would be rescued right away, unbeknownst to the enemies. In the meantime, I had to fight some of them. Then I had to wait and see if hubby was okay and I was so worried and scared. He finally showed up and I threw myself at him, so relieved he was alive. Then we were glad we got extra hazard pay for this mission. I…don’t even know.

In other news, I am loving my new Snoogle pillow but I haven’t been sleeping well. I doubt it’s related. Just regular pregnancy insomnia. I’m a total zombie all day, then not sleepy when I go to bed. I haven’t even been napping. I do sleep pretty late, but it’s because I don’t fall asleep till early morning. The old adage of “sleep now before the baby gets here” is full of crap. Pregnant women can’t sleep. I haven’t slept more than 2 solid hours in 3 months. It’s taking its toll.

I’ve started a new nightly routine. I got these books to read to Jelly Bean:



Then I sing “You Are My Sunshine.” That way these will be soothing a familiar to him/her after they’re born. The books are super cute. Nice rhymes.

I have to catch up on my pregnancy journal. I also got a pregnancy calendar for Christmas that I want to fill in. Sometimes it seems like too much, but I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t. This is likely going to be my only baby. I want to record and remember everything, and share it with them someday. I wish I could ask my mom about her pregnancy and my babyhood. I don’t know nearly enough.


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