Pregnancy 15w1d

A blizzard is rolling in and I’m miserably sick with a cold, so I’m going to blog about something that makes me happy: my nieces and nephews.

Now, none of them are technically my niece or nephew. Most are my cousins’ kids, then my sister’s step-son and my best friend’s sons. All call me Aunty, and I’m very very proud to be. I want to introduce you to them all. Initials will be used to protect their privacy, though I wish I could share all their gorgeous names.

Here are my cousins’ kids:

Kids1Left to right:
Top row – D (6), K1 (5), N1 (4), L1 (4)
Bottom row – L2 (4), K2 (almost 3), J (11 mos.), N2 (10 mos.)

D, L2, and J are siblings; L1, K2, and N2 are siblings; and their dads are brothers, my cousins. N1 is an only child and her mom is my step-cousin; K1 is an only child and her mom is my cousin. L1 and L2 were born about 7 weeks apart and J and N2 were born about 5 weeks apart. Built-in best friends. 🙂

Now my sister’s step-son and my best friend’s three little boys:

Kids2Clockwise from top left:
C (8), R (almost 6), J2 (1.5), and J1 (4)

These kids mean the world to me. I also have a mess of cousins with kids on my dad’s side. I love them too, but they live on the other side of the country and will probably never be very familiar with me.

At Christmas, I got to tell C about the coming baby. He lives with his other moms full-time so I only see him a couple times a year when he visits my sister and her wife. After I told him, L2 (who already knew) asked me why I wanted to have a baby. I replied. “Because I want to be a mom!” Seeing that didn’t completely satisfy her, I added, “Also, all the kids in this family are REALLY cute so I figure I have a good chance of having a cute kid too.” She nodded, replied “Yup!” and went on her way. Perfectly good explanation to her, lol. 😉

I was half-joking, but you can see what I mean. At least in my eyes, these kids are just stunning and perfect and sweet. They have their moments, but I will never love them any less. I could not be happier to be adding to this crazy family of mine. It’s an amazing feeling.

Now, my mom was the youngest of three sisters. The oldest, B, had a girl and a boy, J1 and J2 respectively. The middle, R, had two boys, C and D. My mom had two girls, me (S) and K. My mom and Aunt B and both their parents all died of mesothelioma. My mom 8 years ago, the other three before I was born.

MomWedding004Aunt R (in peach), my mom (bride), Aunt B (in mint), my grandfather, and my cousin, B’s daughter J1, in 1975. My grandmother passed when my mom was 14. My grandfather and Aunt B died soon after this wedding. My parents are divorced and my sister and I aren’t on speaking terms with our dad, which is why I love that he’s not in this photo. We are in touch with his family though. They don’t like him either.

So my Aunt R is the only one left alive of the three sisters and two parents. As a result, she’s a mom to all of us, and grandmother to all the kids. Therefore, my baby will be her 9th grandchild. You can see how we play fast and loose with these family terms, because technically she only has 6 grandkids, but that’s how it works with us. 😉

The funny part was that Aunt R, having only had two boys (and a step-son and step-daughter, but they came later), always wanted a daughter. We joke that she wished so hard, her first five grandkids were girls! Then she finally said it was enough, and the next three were boys. Funny how that worked out.

Well, if you can follow all that, you’re probably doing better than my poor husband, because my family is huge. I know my third and fourth cousins. Weddings are insane. But I love every single one of them. Losing my mom has made me really appreciate my family. When my cousin J2 killed himself in 2012, and I realized I had skipped the last birthday party I would have seen him at because I was too busy, I realized I couldn’t afford to miss any more moments. You never know when someone will be taken away from you. That’s why I was so glad to move closer to my family. I will never be able to thank my husband enough for allowing that to happen. He took on more debt and a MUCH longer commute. My life is so very amazing, I can’t even express it. The people in my life are worth more than gold.

So I guess I pretty much turned this into my family tree and history. I hope you enjoyed learning about us. 🙂


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