Pregnancy 15w4d

So. Sick.

sicksarahLook at that face. But not too closely, cuz ugh. So sick.

I woke up New Year’s morning feeling under the weather. Beginnings of a sore throat, cough, etc. Took it easy, hoped it would be a minor cold. Next day it was worse. Started using Vick’s VapoRub and sucking on Ricola. I’m obviously pretty limited as to what I can take while pregnant, but most cold meds have always upset my stomach anyways. Next day, still worse. I had horrible insomnia and my cough was hacking and my chest ached. Much chicken broth and tea were had. Next day (yesterday), even worse! Hooray! Added Zarbee’s honey-based cough syrup to my regimen. Got advice on natural remedies, swallowed some raw garlic, and drank hot water with lemon, cinnamon, and honey. Continued that today. I was a lot more tired today but the cough is slightly diminished. I think yesterday might’ve been the peak. Phew.

So yeah, it’s been a fabulous 2014 so far. Oh well. Hubby is taking good care of me (due to the snow and his usual work-from-home schedule, he’s been home the whole time and will be tomorrow. He goes back Tuesday). I managed to cook dinner tonight. I’ve slept most of the day so I’m sure tonight will be a challenge. Or not. I was awake for 9 hours yesterday and fell asleep with no problem. The two previous nights were bad though. Up till around 4:30 am.

I’ve been browsing baby deals while sick. I’ve spent kind of a lot (oops) but it was all awesome bargains and stuff we will need. I know it’s early, but by spreading it out, we won’t have to spend a lot at once. I obviously still have my registry (there’s plenty left we need!) and I’ve gotten some awesome hand-me-down offers. A breast pump (I’ll just change out the flanges and such), a Boppy with a new cover, a Bumbo, a play mat, and a bouncy seat are all coming my way, plus some clothes. Major savings! Since we’re only having one kid, it makes no sense to buy everything new. It only has to last through one. I REALLY appreciate the help and love that I have so much family with kids. And yes, my BFF counts as family. 😉

As for deals, I follow Baby Cheapskate on Facebook and it’s awesome. They posted a deal advertising that The Children’s Place was having a one-day winter clearance plus a code for 20% off and free shipping. I got 10 items of clothing for $62! I found the boy clothes to be the most gender-neutral. I don’t care if my girl wears red and navy blue.


Then today I noticed Amazon is running a promotion where if you spend $250 on qualifying baby merchandise, you get a $50 credit to use on more baby stuff. So I bought the crib, changing table, a sheet, and a mattress cover! OMG FURNITURE! So excited! Plus, on the Amazon order I got 3% back via Ebates and on The Children’s Place order I got 5% back through our credit card rewards. I’m grasping for savings wherever I can find it. Oh, and Zulily. Bought some things there too. Hehe.

So my sick-days spending spree is over for now. I’ve spent a lot. 😉 Hoping I’m finally on the mend and start feeling human again soon. Next OB appointment is this Thursday!


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