Pregnancy 15w6d

I’m lying on the couch while my chicken broth cools, a kitty on my lap, lamenting the fact that I saw maybe an hour and a half of daylight today. I’m still sick. Went to the doctor last night. He ruled out strep and flu and recommended Mucinex, saline nasal spray, and Tylenol.

So I’ve taken my Mucinex, and I’m supposed to try to cough up and spit out the phlegm, difficult for me to handle at the best of times. After getting out of bed at 2:30 this afternoon, I had a yogurt. A little while later, I coughed up some phlegm, attempted to hack it up and out, and just as I’d predicted, ended up throwing up. And got a bloody nose. So THAT was pleasant.

I showered and dressed and laid back down on the couch, finally getting back up at 4 pm to put something in my empty stomach. My cough is full-body and painful. Every time I move, I have another fit. So I’m not moving. Still coughing, but not as often.

So while I’m laid up, I’ll share the story of my JCPenney purchase. Back on December 9, I found the rug I had picked out for the baby’s room was on sale half off. So I bought it. My confirmation email said it would ship 12/26. No problem, I’m in no rush. But a few days into the new year with no shipping email, I contacted them to check up on the order. (Typos are theirs, not mine. I’ve copied and pasted the emails.)

This order was expected to ship around 12/26 and I havent received any shipping information.

Thank you for contacting JCPenney.
Our records indicate that your order is backorder until January 6, 2013. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping notification. I do apologize if you did not receive any e-mail informing you that the backorder date had change.
Once again, I do apologize for the inconveniece.

Thank you. I just would have liked to know, that’s all. I received no notice and my order online still said Dec. 26.

You’re welcome. Thank you for being a JCPenney customer.

We’re very sorry, but the following merchandise is no longer available. You will not be billed for the item(s). We’re committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience for you and your family and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

This is NOT OKAY. As of YESTERDAY, I was told it would ship Jan. 6. It’s still on the website, listed as shipping Jan. 22. I am not in a hurry. It’s for my baby’s room and I’m not due till June. I am not re-ordering it because I got it on sale and I want that sale price honored. Please reinstate this order and ship whenever it is ready.

I have reinstated your order at the same price as you requested. Your new order number is XXX. It has a scheduled ship date of around January 23. Your total price is still $110.49.

Thank you very much.

Your welcome. It is our pleasure to help.

Oi. Don’t mess with my baby’s room! What a fiasco. Now we’ll see if I ever actually get the rug. For reference, here’s a pic:


It just nicely matches the outer space theme without being too busy or too plain.

I now have two cats on my lap.


Yes, I’m blogging from my phone. 😉 I don’t think I’m going to get to drink my broth while it’s still hot. Cute kitty blanket.

That’s about all for now. Bitch, piss, moan, I know. I swear I’ll be more uplifting soon.


One thought on “Pregnancy 15w6d

  1. It’s hard to be uplifting when you’re sick! Feel better! Can’t believe they were trying to screw you out of the sales price at JCP – not cool. Good for you!

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