Pregnancy 16w2d

I’m currently blogging from the tub. Pray I don’t drop my phone, okay? I’ve got a death grip on it, lol.

So yesterday was my OB checkup. She found the heartbeat RIGHT AWAY. Such a relief. Nice solid 155. I was in and out. Today we used the home doppler and hubby heard the heartbeat for the first time. It was awesome.

Two weeks from today is the anatomy scan! I’m going insane waiting!!! While we’d both prefer a girl, at this point I’m obviously going to be happy just to take a baby home. It doesn’t matter in the end. I mainly want to know the gender so I can call it by name. And use pronouns instead of “it.” 😉

We just changed our boy name. I had insisted on not using anything in the top 100 popularity from last year (2012 is the last one with data) but we both really like a name in the 60s and I figure that’s not TOO popular. At least it’s not top 50. We weren’t in love with the most recent name we had agreed on, so we revisited it. We’re both happy now. Since I’m convinced it’s a boy, I want to love the name. We haven’t nailed down the middle name yet but we have ideas. Honestly, I’m going to be shocked if it’s a girl.

I still have that miserable cough. It’s not getting any better. If anything, I’m worse. I nearly throw up every time I have a coughing fit. I actually have a couple of times. My chest, stomach, and head hurt constantly. I can’t sleep. Hubby wants me to go back to the doctor, but I doubt there’s anything they can do. Lying still is usually safest, but no guarantee I won’t have a fit. Once I get up, I cough. I’m behind on laundry, I haven’t been able to start exercising, nothing is getting done except for when hubby does it, and he’s gone 12 hours a day 3 days a week. He does too much already.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy. The changes in my body are fascinating. My tummy starts so much higher and it’s firm up there, where I guess a lot of the organs moved to. I’ve started reading a breastfeeding book and I’m going to my first La Leche League meeting next week. I also found a local lactation consultant I want to contact. Everyone says to do these things ahead of time, so I want to be prepared. I WILL breastfeed. I’m determined.

I should put the phone down and get back to my book. I’ll leave you with an adorable photo of my girl kitty sleeping. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Pregnancy 16w2d

  1. Good on you for getting the foundation for breastfeeding now. That was a huge priority for me, and while I did have a little trouble in the very beginning, being super stubborn about it got me through. I also had good suport from my family and easy access to a lactation consultant. I never went to La Leche League, but it’s a damn good organization and they will also provide help.

    I will say, be sure that your pediatrician is super on board with breastfeeding, too, or at least be firm in what you want.. The first one we saw after Rhea was born was not the one that I had picked, but was in the same practice, and when she had lost a little too much weight, he suggested that I supplement with formula. Knowing that was an easy path down away from what I wanted, I said, no, how about you prescribe me a breast pump instead? He shrugged, but said okay. The next week, Rhea had gained plenty of weight, and the doc was a little shocked, but pleased. Meanwhile, I was like, see? Formula’s not necessary. But yeah, I was much happier when her real doc was actually available because he was so much better about it.

    Anyway, that’s some time away from now, but it’s definitely something to consider for when the time comes. has great boards to help find pediatricians who are breastfeeding friendly.

    • I’m getting a hand-me-down pump (that I’ll replace any parts that need it to make it safe for a new user). I am so determined, and I’ll make sure the doc is on board too.

  2. I think new pumps are often covered now, if I recall from my sister’s experience. My SIL had one but it wasn’t worth my sister borrowing it & replacing when it was so easy/cost- effective to get her own.

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