Pregnancy 17w6d

I love love love my mother-in-law. It’s awesome to have her when I miss my own mom so much. However, there are a few issues starting to crop up that make me worry juuuust a little bit.

When she visited the other day, we of course talked about the baby. At one point, she insisted if the baby is sleeping all day and awake all night, you need to somersault it. I didn’t even ask the physics of this. Then, when I was sitting on my electric blanket instead of under it because you’re not supposed to get your belly too hot, she declared I can ignore the doctor’s advice when I want to. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to fry the baby. Lastly, when I stated I am going to nurse on demand, she laughed a little. I’m not sure if she thought I was joking, if she thought I’d fail, or she thought it’s a ridiculous idea. She couldn’t nurse due to medications she was on.

Now I don’t mean to make this sound like she’s a jerk. She’s amazing and sweet and has an awesome sense of humor. It’s possible she was joking and I’m totally misinterpreting. She does have a history of believing old wives’ tales and superstitions. I worry juuuust a little bit about her babysitting. I know she’d never intentionally harm the baby and I need to accept she’s not going to parent the same way I do.

In other news, I had some whole-abdomen cramping, ranging from mild to moderate, all day yesterday into this morning. I think it even started the day before but I wasn’t worried till it became persistent. It hasn’t been a problem today, but I used my doppler to check for the heartbeat just in case, and of course I couldn’t find it. Using that thing is brutal on my carpal tunnel and I pushed myself into some serious pain trying to find the heartbeat, but had to give up. I know it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, because that heartbeat is super tricky to find. But it certainly didn’t help my bad feeling. I just wanted that reassurance.

I don’t think it’s worth calling my OB over, and I’m certainly not going to drive there with a blizzard impending. I have an ultrasound on Friday. I’m sure everything’s fine. Right? RIGHT???


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