Pregnancy 18w6d

I’m so behind! Sorry! Been a busy, exhausting few days, relative to my pregnancy levels of energy. In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, here we go!



The tech said he is “almost certain” IT’S A GIRL!!! We’re so excited!!! Of course, we would’ve been either way, but now I can get a few purple or frilly things. 😉 BABY GIRL CLOTHES OMG.



There she is! Baby Inara Willow! 😀

My aunt and MIL are both THRILLED. My MIL has two sons so I know she was probably rooting for a girl. She is already shopping for baby clothes, and having not done so since my husband was a toddler, she is in ecstasy over the choices now available. “This one has duckies on it, and the FEET ARE LITTLE DUCKIES!” She is one happy MIL. 🙂

And yes, it could still turn out to be a boy. We have a name ready, and I’m sure I can find a new home for anything we get that’s too girly, but I’m really hoping he was right. I’m a girly girl in many ways, and while having a boy wouldn’t change how I parent my child, I can’t help but look forward to getting manicures and buying cute dresses together. Can you blame me? 😉

So otherwise, she looked perfect, no cleft palate or missing limbs. Heartrate of 143, weighs about 8 oz., measured 18w1d (at 18w2d). She usually measures bigger than her age but he said not to worry, it’s just based on averages. Her weight is good so maybe she’s just short and fat like her momma. 😉 My next appointment is a check-up on Feb. 6. We’ll probably use the doppler again before that, because I like the reassurance. I have an anterior placenta so I’m probably not going to feel her kick for at least a couple more weeks. Disappointing, but it happens. As long as she’s healthy in there.

Speaking of healthy, I’m trying to improve my eating habits. I’ve just been so tired that I keep resorting to processed convenience foods. I’ve been making some changes over the past few days and hope to make more. It’s for my baby’s good. I have to make the effort, no matter how exhausted I am. It’s so hard though. I just wish I had energy. I’m still having trouble falling asleep. I still fall asleep during the day, which isn’t helping me sleep at night. I still can’t bring myself to exercise, even though I know it’ll help. I’m just so TIRED. And it isn’t doing either of us any good. Plus, my hubby is picking up all kinds of slack and I feel SO guilty. He works hard enough. I feel useless.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy. I can’t believe I’m nearing the halfway point, and I just can’t wait to meet and hold this baby of mine. ❤


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