Pregnancy 19w4d

Oh, what a night. I hung out with friends all day yesterday, making Valentines and snacking on homemade noms. Awesome time. I got home around 10 pm, had a package of peanut butter cracker sandwiches because I hadn’t eaten a whole lot in total all day, took my afternoon meds much later than usual because I’d been out (prenatal vitamin, fish oil, probiotic, and Prozac), got ready for bed, and crashed around 11:30. Or tried to.

Soon after going to bed, I could tell I was going to throw up. I felt horribly nauseated. I went #2, but it didn’t seem to help. Soon after, I threw up. Everything. Violently. Not fun. I hoped that was it and went back to bed. Nope. Round 2, just stomach acid, very painful. Back to bed…nope, round 3. With added diarrhea this time. I was shaking with chills and just felt WRONG. It didn’t feel like food poisoning. That’s usually over much quicker and easier. I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue throwing up all night. I was worried enough that I, the hospital-avoider, reluctantly asked hubby to take me to the ER. This all happened in about 20 minutes.

I started feeling better on the ride there, and didn’t throw up any more. Arrived, checked in (very dismissive triage nurse acted like I was stupid for coming, and I probably was, but keep it to yourself, bitch). Got a bed, put on a gown, explained everything to a much nicer ER nurse, got vitals taken. They sent an OB doc in and she checked for a fetal heartbeat, and it was fine at 138. Whew! ER doc checked in on me, I re-explained everything, he was rather brusque and gone quickly.

Nurse came back, drew blood, started a saline IV, then did a flu swab. HOLY CRAP THAT HURT. They basically stick a huge Q-tip so far up your nose, it practically pokes your brain. Luckily, it was over quickly, but I never want one of those again, and I do pretty well with pain. Then I did a pee sample, and they ran labs on everything.

Eventually another nurse came back and said my labs were fine, and I just had somewhat low potassium. She gave me three huge pills, some water and crackers, and I got to go home. Four hours later. It was almost 5 am at this point. Poor hubby was exhausted and his back was killing him, but he was so sweet and loving. As usual. He is the absolute best.

Got home, CRASHED. Slept till 2 pm today, got up feeling fine. Went to a family gathering, ate Chinese food and cake, and I still feel fine. I asked my friends if anyone else got sick, and no one did, so I doubt it was food poisoning. My aunt says she had a super short stomach bug like that after Christmas, and my other theory is there wasn’t enough food in my stomach to take my meds. So it was one of those. I’m eating more now and going to take my meds, and we’ll see how it works out.

So, THAT was quite a night. I figured better safe than sorry. If I wasn’t pregnant, I never would have gone. I have a sensitive stomach. I’m used to getting sick. I knew it wasn’t just pregnancy vomiting because it hasn’t been bad my entire pregnancy, and I haven’t thrown up in weeks. I had to keep explaining that at the hospital, because of course a puking pregnant woman sounds pretty usual.

I’m glad I felt better today and went to the party. I got to meet my cousin’s new beautiful baby girl, long awaited. I am SO happy for them and she is just so perfect and gorgeous. I didn’t want to hold her in case I’d had a bug, but oh gods was I tempted. She’ll be just 7 months older than mine. 🙂


I want all the headbands now!!! 🙂


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