Pregnancy 20w4d

Not much is new. I’m in a lot of pain. Back, hands, feet, legs. However, I’m getting more done each day. Today I did food shopping, put away laundry, and did some sewing. Better than lying on the couch all day! 😉

On Friday, hubby and I did a maternity photo shoot for my pregnancy announcements. I need to send them out to his family, none of whom are on Facebook, and I’ll send them to my family as well, just to make it official. 😉 We had a lot of fun. It’s nice that we’re both photographers and can do this ourselves. I’ll do another shoot at 7 or 8 months, the usual time.

Here is the photo we chose for the announcements:



Here are the other good photos from that session:

IMG_9363IMG_9400 IMG_9378 IMG_9374 IMG_9366I can’t wait to do outdoor ones in May!


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