Pregnancy 20w6d

Feeling bloggy lately. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I still haven’t felt the baby move. Damn you, anterior placenta! I drank a cup of peppermint hot chocolate mixed with decaf coffee today, then relaxed in my recliner for a bit, trying to see if I could sense some movement. I gave up after about an hour. When hubby got home, we used the fetal doppler and found her nice strong heartbeat (phew). She played hide and seek, running away from it, and even kicking it once! But I still can’t feel her. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Soon, I hope.

I want to try to catch up on recording some dreams too. This one was from weeks ago, but it was so odd, it stuck with me. In the dream, I was in high school (not mine) and friends with three random girls, and we liked to cause trouble. One day we ran through a science class, stole some supplies before anyone could stop us, then jumped out the window. We went to a nearby water tower and set up an explosion which was only supposed to look scary but not cause any damage. Then we went to a restaurant on a hill with outdoor seating to watch the “fun.” When the explosion went off, we pretended to be shocked like everyone else, but then our shock turned genuine as we watched the water tower fall over into a river, causing a boat to capsize, and the far shore to flood. We hurried back to the school and vowed never to speak of it, or speak to each other, again. SO weird.

Last night I had two dreams about my late great-aunt. She was 95 (or just about) when she died 7 or 8 years ago. In the first dream, I was working in a supermarket and my great-aunt was in line. I checked out her order and packed it carefully in reusable bags for her. Then the register said it was $2,500 but I knew it was wrong. We finally figured out that it just meant she had $2,500 left in her debit account (ooookay). In the second dream, I was in a house with her and someone attacked, shooting something through the window. A second man came in a side door and I junk-kicked him until he left. My great-aunt was fine.

As usual, I have NO idea what any of that means. I’ve been having a lot of dreams about moving too, but those are more obvious, as I just moved recently and moving means transition, which is definitely happening.

I can’t remember ever dreaming about my great-aunt, but she was an awesome lady, and pretty much my only grandparent figure. 100% Italian, great cook, full of spunk. Lived on her own till she was 92 and fell and broke her hip (I was the one that found her, after only a few hours, thank goodness). Living in a nursing home slowly killed her will to live. I loved her deeply, but I never cried when she died. I was just relieved she didn’t have to suffer any more. She was ready. I wish she had gotten to meet all my nieces and nephews, but she lived a very long life as it was. She did meet my little cousin Z, adopted from Taiwan, and loved her to bits. When my mom died, it broke my great-aunt’s heart. She was the last one alive of all her siblings and had seen too many younger family members die before her. My mom was the last one, and my great-aunt died soon after.

I miss you, Aunty Laura! Thank you for visiting my dreams. Also, this is my 100th blog post! ๐Ÿ™‚



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