Pregnancy 21w4d

You know that sleep of mine that was starting to get a little better? Yeah, it’s gone now. Instead, I’m propping myself up with three pillows under my head, just trying to keep breathing through the night. This came on fast and extreme. I can’t even lie on my side on the couch to watch TV. I HAVE to be sitting up. I’d heard lying on my back would become a problem, but basically lying down at all is torture. So that’s fun. 😉

My darling husband immediately took pity on me and we went shopping for a recliner today. I have one in the living room, but while it’s got awesome vibrating massage, it’s not quite cushy enough for me to sleep in. That and hubby exceeds the weight limit on it, so we figured this new one would be something we could both use. We ended up at Jordan’s Furniture in the clearance section, which was HUGE, and found the perfect chair for half off because it had been a floor model. It has legs holding it off the floor so it’s harder for a cat to get stuck under it; when our kitty Ron died, there’s a chance it was because he’d gotten injured in our old recliner, which we immediately got rid of. We’re super paranoid about cats and recliners now. The new one is also comfy and squishy and a nice textured, off-white fabric that won’t show cat claw marks or baby puke easily. 😉

Unfortunately it didn’t fit in the back of our car, so we’re hoping we can borrow my uncle’s truck and pick it up tomorrow. I can’t WAIT to sleep in it. I was told a recliner would be my best friend while pregnant, and they weren’t kidding. It’s pretty much the only way to relax comfortably right now. It will also be great for late-night breastfeeding when the baby is still sleeping in our room. Nice cushy arms to support my arms.

So that was yet another expense, but luckily one that we’ll both be able to use for many years. I think it’s this one, or close:



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