Pregnancy 24w2d

I had a 3D ultrasound yesterday! It was so cool!!! I was expecting it to look super creepy, but maybe it’s different when it’s your own kid, because we both LOVED it. We went to A New Conception in Hanover and Kim was super nice and fun. It honestly cost a lot less than I expected when I first started looking into 3D ultrasound.

I mainly wanted gender confirmation before I sent out the pregnancy announcements, which I should have done ages ago, but oh well. And yes, it is a girl, for sure! Which is good, because I already bought two things with her name on them, multiple dresses, and headbands. šŸ˜‰ I’ve been a little excited. So besides her gender, we saw her adorable face, smiles, pouts, thumb-sucking, fist-eating, feet, knees, everything! It was so amazing! We got photos and a DVD to take home. It was a seriously incredible experience.

Inara was super wiggly and active, as usual, but with this ultrasound we could really SEE what she was doing when she wiggled around. She constantly put her hands in front of her face, so it made it difficult to get a photo of her face. She also refused to turn and give us a profile, no matter what Kim did to persuade her. I didn’t care, it was so cool. She really has her own little personality already! I need to be prepared for an active kid, I think. And a thumb-sucker (groan). Little sis and I were epic thumb-suckers for far too long. We’re going to have to try to nip that in the bud. I needed braces after I did it for ten years. Yes, ten. Ugh.

So, here’s our little diva!

CroppedBABY INARA_21
Sucking her thumb…

CroppedBABY INARA_18
No photos, please!

CroppedBABY INARA_8Face and hand…

CroppedBABY INARA_7Adorable little face!


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