Pregnancy 24w4d

Despite daylight savings time, I’m awake far too early, and I’m very likely to crash before the birthday party for my niece and nephews at 1 this afternoon. *sigh*

We toured the maternity center at South Shore Hospital yesterday, and it was great! Almost all of my cousins gave birth there, but the last one I visited was in 2011, before the renovations. It’s even nicer now! It also has beautiful waiting areas and kitchens for our use, and some of the best-reviewed hospital food.

The tour guide told us they now give you an hour and a half after birth to bond with your baby, have skin-to-skin time, and nurse. No other visitors beside your partner are allowed in at that time. Then they take the baby for tests and shots, then bring it back. That eased my mind a lot after reading about babies whisked away for hours at a time right after birth.

You labor, deliver, and spend the first couple of hours of recovery in one room, then there’s another room you do the rest of your recovery in. The rooms are all private and all have windows. This hospital also has a level 3 NICU. I know someone who recently gave birth there at 26 weeks. Her baby girl was 1 lb. 3 oz. at birth, and is now over 7 lbs. less than 4 months later! Hopefully that won’t happen to us, but it’s a good place to be if it does.

The hospital has their own lactation consultants, breastfeeding classes, and one-on-one breastfeeding help. They have post-natal aqua exercise class for only $35 for 5 classes. They have doctors and midwives on staff. Their dedicated anesthesiologists are always available. They seem very dedicated to good maternity care.

I think it eased hubby’s mind a bit (and my own) to have the delivery day schedule explained, where we go when we arrive at the hospital, etc. This is all VERY new to him, so I want him to have as much info as possible. The actual birth part is still very frightening to me, but I’m hoping it’ll go smoothly when the day comes. In probably less than 16 weeks. Yikes!



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy 24w4d

  1. It’s great to hear you have such a good place to bring your little one into this world in. A lot of hospitals just don’t care that much. It really does sound nice. Good luck!

    • I was worried at first because before we moved, the nearby hospital was my first choice and very very nice. But with the upgrades, SSH looks great. And my cousins wouldn’t have all given birth there time after time if they didn’t like it. 🙂

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