Pregnancy 24w6d

Dear Inara,

Boy, are you getting active! I love feeling you kick and wiggle inside me. Just when I start worrying it’s been a while since you moved, you give me a good kick to assure me you’re okay. It doesn’t hurt (yet!), it just feels amazing. I’m so glad you’re such a tumbler.

It’s hard to believe, but your room is almost ready! Just under four months to go, and we’re almost done. I love knowing there’s a place for you when you arrive, even if you will be sleeping with us for a little while first. I love organizing your clothes and diapers and headbands. I love putting sheet sets on the bed and crib so it looks ready for you. We’re just waiting on your bookcase and toy chest (very important!) next month, and a rocking chair. Some blankets and decorations will be in the mail soon too. Daddy hung all the pictures on the walls, which really makes it look complete.

I love saying your name. I love telling people your name. I hope you like it, because it was chosen with love. Did you know the letters of your name can be found in Daddy’s and mine? “In” are in “Simon,” and “ara” is in “Sarah”. It’s not why we chose it, but I love that your name is part of both of ours, just like you are part of each of us. You’ll be a living embodiment of our love, and I can’t think of anything more wonderful.

Stay safe and happy in there. We’ll see you soon. 🙂




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