Pregnancy 25w6d

More odd dreams, of course. A while ago, I dreamed I had sextuplets (yikes!) but oddly they didn’t need much attention. What I remember most from that dream is breastfeeding one of them for the first time, and it feeling amazing. I felt the flow of milk come out of me, I felt him latch and suck, and it was incredible. I won’t know what it actually feels like until I do it, but the dream feeding was very intense.

My other, much weirder, dream lately was about a giant spider (yay). I wouldn’t say I have a phobia of them, but I don’t like spiders. In the dream, I was somewhere with a bunch of people (who and where was vague and irrelevant). Suddenly we knew a giant spider was coming after us, like it had many times before, and we had to try to hide. Everyone just accepted that he would come and hurt someone. I tried to hide under a blanket, but part of me was poking out, and he found me and started to attack. No one had ever fought back before, but I decided I had to. I picked up something heavy and beat the spider until he stopped attacking me, then I ran away, presuming him to be dead. Later he found me (he was alive) and told me he was going to retire now that he had been beaten for the first time, and wanted everyone else to just think he was dead.

I can only imagine that has some kind of deep meaning, but whoa. STRANGE.

I remember images from last night’s dream, but not details. At one point I was kneading dough to make some kind of bread. *shrug* In another part, I kept skipping ahead in time and couldn’t figure out why everyone was aging so fast.

In real life, I was counting kicks today and saw my belly move. Active baby! 🙂


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