Pregnancy 26w2d

Oh my. Slight scare at the OB today, and a little surprise. Spoiler alert: not anything earth-shattering, don’t worry.

So today was my glucose test, which I’ve been dreading. I took home the drink two weeks ago and got it nice and cold for today. I braced myself at 11 am, started drinking it…and I liked it! It wasn’t bad at all. No problem there. Went to my appointment, got my blood pressure taken, which was fine as usual, then the doctor came in. He’s not who I usually see, but mine wasn’t in this week. He checked the baby’s heartbeat, which was great, then externally measured my uterus, which is when he got concerned. I was measuring more like 30 weeks than 26 and he wanted me back for an ultrasound in an hour.

Uh oh.

He didn’t sound overly worried, but I’ve had such a routine pregnancy (after the progesterone) that any blip on the radar was going to make me nervous. I texted my husband just to let him know, and he immediately left work, which I hadn’t expected but GREATLY appreciated. I was scared. I didn’t know what the possibilities were. I mean, big is better than small, right? I couldn’t be far off on my due date. I KNOW the date we conceived.

I went to the post office and came back, and my husband joined me soon after. Finally it was my turn (the ultrasound tech got stuck in traffic). We settled in to see our baby…and he said she looked fine! Measuring 26w4d in size (so only 2 days big)…and weighing in at 2 lbs. 2 oz., which is big! She wiggled and threw her hands around as usual. He got an adorable profile photo. 🙂



After that, we waited a bit more then met with the OB again. He said Inara’s weight puts her in the 80th percentile…which means we’re looking at an 8 lb. baby.



I was kind of floored. I mean, in retrospect, 8 lbs. isn’t HUGE. I don’t know why I just expected her to be smaller. I was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 in., which I always thought of as small, but that’s almost 8 lbs. I was 24 hours of labor, then a C-section. I guess with her size, my biggest concern is delivering vaginally. I will try as hard as I can to do so. I’m narrow like my mother was, like “the smallest speculum when getting a Pap smear is too big” narrow. But I know the body can do amazing things, and either way, my baby will be born. And she’ll be cute and chubby and amazing. 🙂

As for the glucose test, I got my blood drawn and I’ll know in a week or so. Fingers crossed…I do NOT want GD.


One thought on “Pregnancy 26w2d

  1. What a little cutie! So happy all is going well for you! I wouldn’t worry about the weight estimate too much – they freaked my sister out with her first pregnancy by estimating the baby weighed 8.5 pounds when she did her past due ultrasound, but when baby was born 5 days later she was really just 7 pounds 11 ounces.

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