Pregnancy 27w5d

Babymoon was awesome! Relaxing, quiet (for the most part), and I got my hubby all to myself for four whole days. The hotel had an indoor pool, included full breakfast buffet, and suite-style rooms of about 500 sq. ft.

We left on Friday morning, and it took about 4 hours to get there, plus a couple stops for food and bathrooms. We checked in, unpacked, settled in, and immediately hit the indoor pool. 😉 It was, of course, full of rowdy children, but we enjoyed ourselves floating around for an hour. Weightlessness felt SO GOOD. After we showered off, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We waited 50 min. for a table but I didn’t care because NACHOS.

Saturday morning we enjoyed the hotel breakfast (biscuits and gravy, yum!), I napped, then we went swimming. After, we headed to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory…and got a bear for Inara! 🙂


So precious! Then we got dinner at a BBQ place (where I oddly got a salad, and it was AMAZING), and headed back to the hotel for one more swim for the day. When we walked in the hotel, the pool was empty. We rushed upstairs and changed, and by the time we came back down, there was a family of four with very splashy children in there, lol. It figures.

Sunday, breakfast, nap, then we met up with my friend from middle and high school and his 3-year-old son and went to the aquarium! So much fun, and having a kid there made it even more fun. He was fascinated with and excited about EVERYTHING. I loved it because there were lots of frogs and turtles, my favorite animals. 🙂 Here’s hubby and I:


I’m TALL! 😉 We went to a creperie that night for dinner, mmm. Then we went swimming, and had the pool to ourselves for most of the time, and only other adults joined us later. Woot!

Today we had breakfast, packed up, and hit the pool one last time, and had it to ourselves the WHOLE time. Bliss. 🙂 Hit our favorite dim sum place on the way home near our old house and brought it home for dinner.

Vacation = success. Loved it. Very low-key and a lovely way to celebrate our little family-to-be.


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