Pregnancy 28w5d

One word: ouch. 😦

Everything hurts. My hip, my lower abdomen, my back, my wrists…everything. It’s so much worse than last week. I have carpal tunnel syndrome (which I had before but it’s worse now), de Quervain tendinitis, round ligament pain, and the beginning of abdominal muscle separation. The latter two are exacerbated by Inara being a big baby.

So. This kinda sucks. I cry every time I try to roll over in bed. I wake up unable to use my hands for a few minutes every morning, then use them through the pain for at least an hour. Walking is excruciating. I can’t even believe I had pregnancy complaints before this happened. Nothing prepared me for this.

There are some things that help. I got a maternity support belt:



…and a cane:



Those have eased the pain a bit. However, using the cane is making my hand/wrist hurt more, so I got new wrist braces today. The ones I had were too firm and restrictive to use everyday, and my hands have swollen enough that they are now uncomfortable. I’ll use the new ones when walking, on the computer, or sleeping.



Just realized I didn’t have them on yet. Put them on. Can’t use the mouse. >.< Guess I’ll wear the lighter support one I already have. *sigh*

I also bought some compression socks, because we’re going to a convention Friday through Sunday, which involves a lot of walking.


I’ve been going for years, and I’m going to have to take it MUCH easier this year. We won’t stay the whole day, we’ll prioritize which panels we HAVE to see, and I’ll rest plenty in between. We bought folding camp stools last year and they were a HUGE help, and will be even more so this year. They’re perfect for waiting in line for long periods.



It folds up as small as an umbrella. I’m so glad we invested in them last year, since everything else I need for my comfort is costing a fortune.

I’m miserable, but at least my baby is healthy. She’s still kicking and wiggling like crazy. This is all temporary, I know, but I’m basically useless now. I’ve been trying to take walks like my OB suggested, but I can’t go very far or long. I walked 0.4 miles today and it took almost 16 minutes. I am going to look into a prenatal water aerobics class at the hospital. Other than that, I’m just trying to take it easy, while also not letting myself be sedentary for too long. I’m also trying not to let my depression take over. I feel like I can’t do anything and the pain will never end, and it’s affecting my mood.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue doing choir. I’ll try this Wednesday. I need to attempt laundry tomorrow. I’m walking a fine line between staying active and hurting myself worse.


One thought on “Pregnancy 28w5d

  1. Oh Momma!!! This sounds miserable. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Pregnancy should be enjoyable. Especially right now. Before the final 10 weeks set in……yup they are the worst and I’m truly concerned how your going to cope??? Please call me anytime, I don’t mind coming by to keep you company. The last thing we need is a depressed mommy – that is not good for that precious baby girl in side your womb 😟! Keep me posted. And stay positive. Xoxoxo

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