Pregnancy 32w4d

Oh man. It’s been a crazy few days. Nothing big, but I’m feeling pretty worn out.

Thursday was my ultrasound and check-up. Baby looks great! Measuring 4 lbs. 4 oz., so still big (71st percentile), but length-wise on target.


Cutie patootie! Then I had to wait around for my OB appointment. That was in-and-out as usual. I’m surprised I haven’t had a vaginal exam yet, but I don’t know how these things go. She’s going to see me again in 2 weeks, then I start coming in weekly. OMG!

On Friday, I heard back from the hospital and they never received the water aerobics application I mailed in 2 weeks ago. *sigh* But she said I can just bring another copy of it to the first class on May 6, so that’s a relief. After that, my biggest issue was deciding how I’m going to manage shaving my legs! My hands hurt and I can barely bend over. I decided to order a wet/dry epilator that can be used in the bath so the warm water will help with the pain. It takes less time than shaving and lasts longer, so hopefully that’ll work. Right now, I look like Sasquatch. šŸ˜›

Thursday night, I fell asleep around 3 am. Friday night, not till 5 am. I only woke up at noon because we were going to a party, though we didn’t end up leaving for it till 4. It was an hour away and I only lasted 3 hours once we got there. We got home, I relaxed for a few, then went right to bed at 10 pm. I tried sleeping in the guest bedroom to see if that helped. I fell asleep right away…then woke up after an hour, wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep, but gave up after an hour or so. Got up, had a snack because I was so hungry, had some tea, relaxed, went back to bed at 4 am. Didn’t fall back to sleep till 5 am. Had to get up at 11 today for my choir concert (which went great!).

I’ve had heartburn since halfway through the concert, blah. Exhausted, went to bed at 7:30 tonight (which I knew was too early but I couldn’t keep my eyes open), slept maybe 8-9:30, and now I’m up again. Eating things to help with the heartburn and drinking Earth Mama Angel Baby heartburn tea. I might watch a movie, then attempt sleep again. Luckily I have nothing tomorrow so I’ll try to sleep till I’m rested. Even when I do fall asleep, I’m up every hour in pain and/or I have to go to the bathroom.

I thought my sleep was bad before? HA! Oh man. This is just so very bad. Amazingly I’m still functioning for the most part, but it isn’t fun. Yes yes, good practice and all, but I’d rather be rested and healthy now so I feel better leading up to birth.

I can’t even pinpoint why I’m awake. Yes I’m uncomfortable and in pain, but I have been for weeks. I guess it’s just that point in my pregnancy. Hormones are all wacky and don’t know when it’s bedtime. I’m just…awake. Not energetic or well-rested of course, but definitely not sleepy. So I’m just going to sleep when I can and stay awake when I can’t. Might make for some odd hours, but I don’t have a job to worry about, so I guess it’s okay.

Oh! I started packing my hospital bag! šŸ˜€ So exciting! I’ve got most of the basics for me in there: meds, toiletries, birthing gown (Pretty Pushers), pajamas, nursing tanks, slipper socks. I also have deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste for hubby, and I’ll pack him an outfit soon. I’m waiting till after the baby shower (6 more days!) to pack clothes for Inara, since I’m sure I’ll get a few basics, like white onesies, that will be good to bring. I still need to pack a bra and some underwear (though I’ll probably mainly use the hospital disposables), going home outfit for myself, snacks, a bag for gifts, and phone chargers. The camera bag will be kept near it. My app also lists a pillow and blanket for hubby. Will he need it? Those are bulky. Any other suggestions? Everything (minus the camera) will likely fit in the one bag.

Physical therapy is going well. I’ve had two sessions and I’m wearing the wrist braces less. I’m still in a world of pain at the end of the day though, which is understandable. Fluid build-up is pressing on nerves in my hands and wrists, and the baby is kicking the crap out of my abdomen. Midday I’m functional though, and only limp a little without the cane. I’m hoping the water aerobics help too.

I think that’s everything! Wish me luck tonight. šŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy 32w4d

  1. Hopefully, since sleep is so hard while pregnant, it will actually be better after Inara is born šŸ™‚ Then you’ll be better rested and have you baby! Good luck this week!

  2. Believe me, the fewer the vaginal exams, the better! They are not comfortable at all! I had one at 38,39 weeks because Rhea was engaged so far down already, the midwife wanted to be sure it felt like it was her head and not her rear, and since she was already in there, I said it was okay to see if I was dialated at all. I did not expect it to feel as bad as it did! Anyway, I had a couple more when I thought maybe I was in labor, and then twice more for the real thing. Anyway, they are a useful tool, but seriously, they can wait until you are much closer.

  3. I didn’t have any cervix checks til around 36 weeks; I think they’re becoming less common since they don’t really tell all that much (you can walk around dilated for weeks, or go into labor from 0 to 60). I was NOT a fan, so I agree, the fewer the better.

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