Pregnancy 34w3d

I guess everything was going too well, because now I apparently have some health issues. Nothing major, yet.

As you may recall, I failed my one-hour glucose test but passed my two-hour test. I thought I was in the clear, but my OB was still finding glucose in my urine. She took my blood again, and the glucose levels were fine. Then at last week’s visit, she did a hemoglobin test. I got a call back today that it came back a little high.

Now, she wants me to go to diabetic training at the hospital and do the finger prick test at home four times a day for a week. Hopefully after that, depending on the results, I won’t have to continue with it. She also set me up to have a non stress test (NST) once a week for the rest of my pregnancy. She’s just concerned about the glucose levels and the fact that my baby is big.

I’m glad she’s on top of it, but of course I’m sad and frustrated that suddenly my pregnancy isn’t going well. I can’t imagine if I had a job and was trying to juggle all these appointments, plus twice weekly physical therapy and prenatal water aerobics. I have an ultrasound and group B strep test/checkup the week after next, and I’ll be seeing the OB once a week after that for the rest of my pregnancy.

I’m worried I might need to be induced a little early now, but I’d also be excited to meet my baby sooner and know when I’m going in. No worrying about water breaking and such. But that seems like such a key part of the pregnancy experience, and I won’t get another chance. I’m very mixed, obviously, and I’ll just have to take it day by day and see what happens.

Today, we’ve been working on unpacking all the baby gifts and putting them away. I took a break on the rocking chair in the nursery, exhausted but oh so very happy. πŸ™‚


This is happening. Soon. I’m going to be a mama and it will be awesome.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy 34w3d

  1. Hello my friend! You know I am diabetic, so I am speaking from experience and I had a big baby. πŸ™‚ I spent nine months wearing two devices (insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor) and did–still do–finger sticks 8-10x a day. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Sometimes there is just nothing that you can do, I ate well and my blood sugar was still usually pretty high. If you have to take insulin for a few weeks, you can do it!!! I am here if you need anything or need some encouraging. I also want to tell you that if they start just saying they will induce at 37 wks because of this, please, please, please educate yourself and advocate for yourself.

    I don’t know if there are certain laws in different states, but in Nevada, you can’t induce before 39 weeks without doing an amnio test first (or I think that for certain medical cases you can, but even I didn’t fall into that). The baby’s lungs aren’t always developed and they need a steroid shot, etc. Yes, the baby can get big and that is another round of issues, most of them meaning you will probably need a C-section. They estimated Harlow to be 10 lbs while I was in labor and the dr was on stand by for surgery. We gave the vacuum suction a shot and it worked (but I also did not fear that I was narrow and wasn’t worried about that like you are). Also, high sugar / diabetes can lead to other things, like I had super high cholesterol during pregnancy and they may give you a 24-hour urine test (you collect your pee for 24 hours into a jug, fun). YOU CAN DO IT! It all sucks, but it is over soon and then no one will give a hoot about you and your health anymore.

    The doctors will freak out and panic, try not to follow suit.

    I know inductions aren’t always perfect, but it also means that you won’t have to labor at home for hours and hours and endure the pain! πŸ™‚ (see, bright side, haha). My water broke on its own during the induction while I was waiting for the epidural so you never know!

    Please don’t stress yourself out over this, easier said than done, I know. It will all go back to normal, they will probably run a few tests on her right away to check her sugar. Because of that, we didn’t get that hour of skin-to-skin they said I would have, but we still got some snuggle time and then she had her tests done.


  2. Oh, the (recent) memories! I had gestational diabetes and had to test my blood four times a day, but I had it so mild that basically my diet didn’t even have to change to be within normal limits – I just had to avoid sugary liquids (soda, juice) and eat protein in the morning. I also had to be induced a few weeks early, but that was due to high blood pressure. That produces a small baby, and mine was just barely on the small side, so apparently the diabetes didn’t cancel it out. πŸ˜› I go into depth on the induction process (spoiler: happy ending) on my blog if you’re interested.

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