Pregnancy 35w2d

Now to catch up on the craziness since Wednesday. *sigh*

I had an ultrasound scheduled for next week, but the nurse called me this past Monday and said my OB had actually wanted it sooner, so we scheduled it for this past Wednesday. They didn’t have any openings at the office, so she set it up at the hospital. It was in the evening so hubby could come too. We got there plenty early, found imaging, checked in, and the lady at the desk seemed very confused. Apparently there were no specific orders from my OB. She didn’t tell them what to look or measure for (since this ultrasound was due to my glucose levels).

She had to call the OB nurses’ line, couldn’t get in touch with my OB, spoke to another OB (probably the one on call) and he said according to their records, I was having an ultrasound that Thursday (yesterday) in the office. NOPE. I have an OB appointment NEXT Thursday, and my ultrasound was most certainly Wednesday. I had spoken to a nurse, called imaging to pre-register, and gotten a reminder call from the hospital. I had absolutely not mixed up the dates.

Eventually, I got my ultrasound. I’m not sure what changed or who they spoke to, but it got done. According to the tech, Inara is 6 lbs. 2 oz. (with a 14 oz. margin of error), 78th percentile, heart rate 158. My amniotic fluid levels are great, and her head is still down. That’s all she could tell me, and said my doc would look over the results and get back to me. I still haven’t heard anything.

During this whole fiasco, I kept bursting into tears. I was tired and frustrated. I had been worried about the ultrasound. I just didn’t need any more stress. As you’ll recall, I’m supposed to do diabetic training and prick my finger 4x a day for a week, and get weekly non stress tests. Guess what I never heard back about? Also, when I first started PT, the orders said I suffered from wrist pain and vertigo. Um, no vertigo here, never even came up. So the ultrasound thing really pissed me off because I feel like my OB office is one big screw-up. They can’t seem to get anything straight. My OB also only spends like 5 min. with me at each appointment.

I wish I had gone with a midwife. It’s far too late now. I just figured I’d go with the traditional route; I hadn’t considered a doula at the time either. Now I wish I’d been a little more crunchy hippie about this whole thing. I’m really regretting the care path I took, and I only get one shot at this. I just hope the birth goes well and I can put all this behind me.

So that was Wednesday. That night, hubby went to bed complaining his heel hurt. He suffers from gout, though it usually starts in his big toe, so he took a pill just in case. He woke up Thursday morning in ten times more pain, unable to walk. I drove him to the doctor, and he was told he sprained his Achilles’ tendon. He was given crutches and told to rest, elevate, and take ibuprofen, and that he’d hopefully feel better in a few days. We still have no idea how he did it. There was no specific moment he injured it.

He is PISSED at the timing. He keeps saying, “My wife is 9 months pregnant! I don’t have time for this!” He can’t do any of the yard work or cleaning he had planned on this weekend. We have childbirth class tomorrow, which hopefully will be mostly sitting. He can’t walk, and I can’t lift or use my hands much. My aunt and uncle helped us take the trash out last night, and hubby and I managed to get the dishes done together today. Otherwise, nothing is getting done. I’m trying to finish baby room and hospital bag stuff today. Slow and steady. My sleep was AWFUL last night, so much pain, so I took a huge nap today after feeding hubby and myself breakfast. That ate up most of my day, but I feel way better now.

Wish us luck. Hubby needs to feel better soon. 😦


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy 35w2d

  1. That’s really incompetent of them, which would piss me off to no end, too. *hugs* Now, I have heard of people switching practices this late in the game. I’m not saying you have to or it’s even possible with the midwives local to you depending on their caseload, but should you be so inclined, it might be worth looking into. That said, that might eek you out further to entrust new people with your body and your baby. I don’t know what I would do, honestly, but I just wanted to put that out there.

    • Yeah I considered looking into it, but I think it might just be more stress than help right now. I’m regretting a lot about this pregnancy but trying not to dwell on it.

      • Totally understandable. I have a few regrets about mine, too. I think all women do, actually, to be honest. Shoulda woulda coulda. Ah well. But the little miss will be just wonderful.

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